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  1. Thanks for the responses! I appreciate all the support. My issue is now resolved.
  2. Where in the 0AD engine code can we move a soldier/civilian from one point to another?
  3. Yes, I have some Javascript experience. Thanks for the quick response by the way. Really appreciate all the support so far.
  4. We've taken a look at this and able to set up a mod and view it in the Game under "Mod Selection" but we found the simulation part overwhelming. If we want to move units in the game, for instance, where should be looking at and what should we add to the mod we created?
  5. Hello, we are working on a project to simulate fighting between two armies using the 0AD engine. We have a challenge getting started. Specifically, after creating our mod, we don't know what code to add and/or change to achieve our goal. Any tutorials or tips would be helpful.
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