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  1. I don't think this would be good. 0AD isn't a big game with a helluvalotof players online, so it would probably have more negative affect than positive. (at least, for now)
  2. Let me correct myself. It didn't install the correct version in the Ubuntu Software installation Program. It worked in the terminal though. Now it doesn't work with either. Edit: Barely programs didn't work with it anyway, so terminal is the only way to go. I can confirm 24 work.... so maybe i did something without realizing i did it to make it work?
  3. We could also make this a feature to gameplay, like upgrading buildings to better/stronger etc versions of themselves by the age. This could help 0ad be unique to all other games of the type, and also add new forms of tactics and gameplay. EX: You could choose between making multiple mud houses if you need more population but are having resource trouble, or if you are rich in resources and lacking for space, you could build a few stone houses which only cost a bit more and build time is slightly longer. Rushing/blobbing against building tall as such.
  4. Would be nice if it didn't revert to alpha 23 when 24 actually worked. :/
  5. Ooh, Music stuff. Here, some Australian style stuff. Warning: Rude words here. (From the country down south where we have discovered how to say "Go @#$% yourself" when we actually mean "I love you".) If you like any of it, please visit the bandcamp sites and buy something. Covid hit us harder than most developed Countries and our music scene is collapsing because of our incompetent GOVT. Every donation helps! Bread and Circuses, right? Music being circus. Let's start with some of the classics, Frenzal Rhomb, the One band which has been holding up the Australian Punk rock scene on it's (Camel-like) shoulders by itself from 1992. And they only have 1/1:30 songs too. And darn did they do a great job. ^One of their better songs. If you want to listen to all the music or even buy some, go here: https://frenzalrhomb.bandcamp.com/music Next: The Up-and-coming big guys from Tasmania (the little island south of Sydney in NSW AUS) Luca Brasi, if anyone's watched godfather i bet you know where they found that name. https://lucabrasipunkrock.bandcamp.com/music Next: The Bennies, A Ska Band from Melbourne. They Really love Drugs, Specifically Cannabis. Trust me, I've seen them do a lot of it with my own eyes (my family are friends with most of the bands here, so.... rigged advertisement? :D) They're like Frenzal Rhomb in that they do short-fast songs but they have lots of them, so it makes up for it. And having a joint between each song... You can imagine how high they get lol. https://thebennies.bandcamp.com/music Next: One of my personal Favorites, Amends. They are an Up-and-Coming band from Western Sydney (Blues). They also have a new album they released last month, which is very good too. They're a very light-core Punkrock band and this is their outgoing song from the album So far from Home. Also my favorite. There's also "Hells Bells" which is very unique and creative. Got a beat to it. You can find their stuff at https://amendsmusic.bandcamp.com/music Next, Corpus, 2 Brothers who have a mental disease, Clinical Depression i think? So they took up music and went Crazy with it to keep their mental problems down. darn they are intense live. https://corpuscorpuscorpus.bandcamp.com/music
  6. Yes, but if the pikemen had longer range they could theoretically be stronger than any other military unit in large groups. Not having to move closer to poke the enemy is such a good buff.
  7. I'm a very big fan of this idea, given i want the whole farms-only-around-mill buildings thing anyway. The Reduced price thing wouldn't add much game-play wise though... people would probably just choose the individual farms anyway given we can have 5 people on them and that will sustain you for at least 5 minutes until you need another one. The pay more now for discount 20 minutes from now thing probably wouldn't be favorable. Unless we reduce the farmers to just one of course. We could of course make the CC not be a food warehouse anymore, but that COULD end up with bad results so maybe not. Man EE it's been so long, i need to give you a try again.
  8. Welcome young child. The Holy Church of the Beaver Absolves you of your sins. In all seriousness. Personally, i dislike your idea of Changing the role of the City Center every Phase. It's not a bad idea, but it definitely would not fit in a game like this. Not unless several extreme changes were made to adapt to such things. As it is, it's best to have it as the all-in-one thing forever. If you want to change anything, it should be a forever change, not an as-you-advance thing. That would be too confusing for new players and make too many Cheek strategy's evolve. I like the whole Having one city-center in different areas thing, like actually making them "City-Centers" Instead of just I'mTerritoriesAndTrainsWomens Buildings. We could also tie this in with DE's idea of being allowed to build buildings outside of territories instead of just outposts. (but still degrade over time, of course) This would make building towns less difficult, Those circular territory things can be a pain sometimes. And also have them be much father away from each other (which would make city placement a strategy of itself!) Also making building further away from your territory would mean more loss of HP for your buildings would be good too. The aura stuff is a full-blown-no from me. 0AD is not a city building game. If you want something like that i can suggest a few Also about the Farming stuff, i think it should be kept Simple. Either put them wherever you want, or just around farmhouses. The latter would also help in the (Yet-to-be-developed) Animal Housing building which you can herd animals into and have an infinite food source at a steady rate. Farms being better of course, but requiring more effort (I.E People)
  9. Technically they do literally nothing. They're just visual effect things at the moment. the PLAN for them however (i think?), is something like what total war does.
  10. Indeed. Written law outdated quickly and ethical law is much more fluid and flexible, and flexibility is 100X better. Also, love the hitchhikers reference you got there :). Well anyway, Opinion on politics aside, back to the topic at hand. I'm loving some of the presented features. Dark Video: Loving the Hunting thing where they carry the animal back to camp instead of having to tediously and skillfully (s)deer it back to camp before you kill it to get all the food. Sheep are better now too. Lots of simple improvements there. Villagers being able to use the bows they use for hunting to defend themselves and even fight raiding enemies... Fantastic idea! And the advancement thing looks good to. One Important structure per age to advance to the next makes much more sense in fluidity. Less likely to be enjoyed by rushers though. I'm interested by how they intend "faster paced" is going to be, when ageing will be slower paced? Feudal Video: The scene where the units in the trees can't be seen thus producing an ambush party and absolutely crushing the marching crew. I want. The Shooting from horseback is also a fun idea. I want too. The Hero aura thing.. 0ad did that first you thieves! Mongol mechanics look fun too. Do want as-well. Castle Video: Definitely loving the siege mechanics. Would have preferred non-siege units being unable to attack walls though. And would make the scaling walls mechanic more viable. Monk healers? Yosha! Not enough Wololo Aiyoyou's though. I'm very disappointed with how the buildings are spaced, i hope that's just a how they showed it thing, and not a feature thing. The path mechanic isn't giving much good vibes on that matter though, hope it's purely visual effects. Imperial Video: Charging Feature looks great. Resist charge with pikes infront of body thing looks great, hope it isn't isn't just a visual thing. Wololo with Relic mass conversion Definitely Aiyoyou'd me. Agree with everything AON said about the siege stuff, the siege engines with actual people thing would be cool too. And those crumbling effects look cool, but won't be good for the game itself. Down Toning Required Muchos Gracias. Rest of the stuff looks pretty usual though. Mostly just Quality-of-life Stuff. Paradox games get more features in a free update and DLC than is seen here lol. Please Exclude my hardcore Paradox Fanboyishness lol But it is true.
  11. Specifically the cohort system was such: (not literally, mistakes are certain) It was a Operation system between Divisions. Say, you would have a 5by5, then 4 more 5by5's north and south in a square. Like so: AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA It was the key to Romes Success. They had 100x supremacy because they were 100% more Organized. Everyone else just shoved all their infantry into one big line and said "charge" or "lock shields" (or point pointy larrissa in Alexanders case) The system is still used today by the great nations. Obviously with different names. The Individual A being an infantry unit, and the AAAAA being the group. The advantage of this system is that when the front line is tired/breaking they can fall back and get some rest and the second line can go forward to replace them. And vice/versa.
  12. They would only complain........ If they could see the thing to complain about. That means you just need to make it so they can only see it if they look close enough, but in a strategy game, everyone would be busy with other things, no?
  13. I love these, but if they were to be implemented why not use all of them? Different colours for different ages would make it more like we are, say, progressing through history. So use one colour for each age. How i would go through them would be Copper/Silver/Darkish Gold/Lightish Gold. My reasoning being the copper age is the closest of where 0ad's timeline starts, silver is used as money but not worth as much as gold, dark gold is used less than it's lightish more twinkly variant which looks more showoffy.
  14. There must consider also the fact cavalry can't build, or gather metal, wood, stone, or any other food than meat.. That counts as a disadvantage, yes? They can gather at a rush, but once they are out of things to gather.... they are little more than a combat reconnaissance unit which has light raiding capability. They CAN fight, but not at a good cost/combat ratio.
  15. If it's cheating for a player to do it.. what about the AI? They do this without the added feature. I mean, AI needs certain advantages to be given an edge to superior human decision and the like, but still, they are cheating without the buffs they are given on hard/veryhard
  16. I will only buy it if it's Linux compatible (it won't be - 99.99% certain unless they make a deal with valve) And if it is Nothing map viable. I mean, it isn't technically illegal to Pirate something which they specifically made it so that i can't use on my system, right? If they want my bucks, they need to Accommodate to ME first!
  17. What i would do for a goat nothing map in 0AD.
  18. It's officially not kiting any more. Now it's Goating.
  19. it would definitely lead to a more "planning helps" scenario, instead of the whole "I HAVE MORE MEN AND BETTER TECH" thing. Iberians won lots of battles against the romans with just rusty blades spears and shields, because they knew their land better and ambushed the romans a megaton of times. This kind of thing could also lead to realistic forest generation. We could have larger forests which actually look like forests instead of trees which are close to each other lol Also when formations are finally implemented it would discourage large groups to go into certain areas because they would fight poorly in there, but make small groups to do more damage because they can maneuver better in and out of the trees. (or other POI's)
  20. If we were to have these "groves", forest groves would be able to have invisible units in them so they can, say, ambush enemy units? Something like a double attack bonus on first attack. Also it could introduce something like a replanting tech. I would definitely like this for berry bushes aswell. The gathering tech for them is useless, given you run out of them 5 minutes into the game and farming is more useful. Huntables could also be given something like this, but only for neutral territories i think. (controlled territories would be more for the Livestocks like chickens and sheepies etc) Twould give hunting more of a reason to do
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