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  1. Is it already mentioned in any loading tips?
  2. I still get this even after installing RC 4, so I guess it's not build issue. A24 has no issue like this.
  3. I think it is providing reasons for and justifying deeper game mechanics. Adjusting unit price or which building could train based on social classes. Tech pairs that favor certain classes, which could be arbitrary but given meanings with social classes. Also this, so for example gathering choice can be more varied than female vs CS vs horses. Different social classes could be given different gathering rate based on social classes. I think it opens up many game mechanic potentials. Also I believe many people play 0 A.D. for its historical lessons and role-playing purpose. For them these decorations could be as important as gameplay, they are not much different than decorating units with more historically accurate armors. I think all civilizations have social classes, it should be applicable to all civs. Perhaps @Thorfinn the Shallow Minded could provide historical evidences for other, non-Greco Roman civs?
  4. Honestly if someone can make a simple animation of the bridge, that would be neat. Just make the ship lowers the bridge as attack_capture animation, and put it up again otherwise. But I don't understand anything about 3D animation :(. Meanwhile I could make it capture, perhaps on the weekend.
  5. Exactly what I thought when making this. Xiphos tech with actual xiphos added and linothorax with actual units get their tunic/bronze armor changed into linothorax would be really awesome, but yes each actor must be changed, which would take a long time. I deliberately make it a new component so it should be possible to make it gradual i.e. even if the tech is affecting multiple unit types, you can apply visible tech to one unit type and it would be okay. I'm really looking forward to DE pushing the creativity of this component.
  6. Thank you very much @hopeless-ponderer! Now the visible technology is working as intended. GitHub prototype has been updated. I will update the Readme for instructions. Meanwhile, for your Corvus tech, what power do you want to give the ships? I can make the tech and actor variant.
  7. @Gurken Khan I don't mean gameplay wise, just the name. It could be named Terra or even Bhumi but I understand that it was a Greek dominated era. Also @wowgetoffyourcellphoneI hope at least aggresive animal should have its UnitAI modified to allow them to hunt anything regardless of ownership.
  8. Neutral is already used in diplomacy as faction who doesn't attack you. Gaia attacks you. I like @Yekaterina's the wilderness idea. While I like the idea behind Gaia name I do think it's unfair to other non Greek civs. @LetswaveaBook unaffiliated force is interesting idea. I think its suitable for human factions. This is similar to Total War 's Rebels/Free People. I always think that hostile human and animal should have separate faction from Gaia. So these should be separate factions from the wilderness. I just think it's weird that wolves attack our people and livestock but ignore the Gaia deer and mercenary.
  9. I'm trying to make researched techs to change the look of affected entities. For example, Greave technology that allows all soldiers to have greaves on their legs. For this, I made custom actor based on basic infantry spearman, but the greave prop is separated into its own variant (similar to flag prop in garrison holder) named greave0 (without greave) and greave1 (with greave). To trigger the actor update, I made a new component, named VisibleTechnology. It will check if the player has researched the tech, and then set the actor variant based on the tech. The problem is that it seems that the TechnologyManager component cannot be called. I tried to call it in UpdateActor() function during Init() and OnResearchFinished(). The call is like this: let cmpTechnologyManager = Engine.QueryInterface(this.entity, IID_TechnologyManager); if (!cmpTechnologyManager) return; During Init(), it's always Null, and on OnResearchFinished(), the UpdateActor() isn't even called. I'm not sure what I did wrong here. Any help is truly appreciated. NB: I replaced the Athenian CC to train this infantry spearman with researchable graves. I also put Greaves as tech in Athenian Forge. Easiest way to test this is by loading Sandbox Athenians and training infantry spearman from CC and then research the Greave tech in Forge. The prototype is here: https://github.com/azayrahmad/visible-upgrade-A25 Thank you.
  10. Someone made a UI redesign mockup of the grandfather of RTS: Dune II. Some good UI ideas here. More here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/102033829/DUNE-II-Reimagined
  11. It was a great idea back then when I first hear about 0 A.D. It is still a great idea today. After a lot of RTS I played over the years, I still love the idea that the main fighting force is both economic and military unit. It's not perfect, but it could be improved. I believe what we're discussing here is a way to fleshed out the implementation more to make it more in line with the historical facts without abandoning the main concepts. Hopefully we can find a way to tread a line between history and gameplay and satisfy both.
  12. This should have been included in base game.
  13. Is this an Elder Scrolls mod?
  14. Turns out I'm free today, so I finished the custom template. Here is the patch if anybody's interested: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4196 Basically with this patch, introductory tutorial would be less cluttered as units and structures can only build/train/research what is required by tutorial and not much more. There are some teasers though (Healers and Storehouse wood gathering tech are unlocked even though not required by tutorial). For those more interested in testing it as a mod, I have attached it below, A25 only. The next step would be to fix some tutorial language as some are referred by incorrect name (Xiphos/sidearm tech in Forge is referred as Infantry Training by tutorial instruction). And then my plan is to divide the tutorial into several smaller missions as per syllabus to ensure learning players can skip any stage. Please let me know what you guys think! limited-introductory-tutorial.zip
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