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  1. but i already got banned now its my third time i did not created a second account pls unban me must be a mistake @user1
  2. @user1 i am still banned pls could you unban me kind regards lorenzo13
  3. I am VanHelsing and i dont know my Password i forgot it @user1 or @Stan` could you help me
  4. @Stan` @user1 i got banned for sending memes is it really necessarynessasary to ban someone. pls unban me thx ,---. / | / | Gandalf / | / | ___,' | < -' : `-.__..--'``-,_\_ |o/ ` :,.)_`> :/ ` ||/) (_.).__,-` |\ /( `.`` `| : \'`-.) ` ; ; | ` /-< | ` / `.
  5. @user1 i got banned but i dontt know why pls can you fix that problem for me https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/profile/21426-user1/
  6. Mhm i dont remember quitting i think you quitted alot of more times than i did but this time we played normal and i won :-)
  7. @user1can i creat a second account i want to start new! kind regards
  8. @user1 could you help me in creating a new account without getting banned because it is my second. kind regards
  9. @Stan` is there a way of getting a second account i want to start new.
  10. Hey i am not new here i have made a second account which is against the rules. Now i got banned for five days thats not fair i want a new account because it is harder to get the points if you lost that many times. I want to play today but i got banned again. pls give me an new account as a christmas present. kind regards lorenzo @user1 @Stan`
  11. Basiliskos is quitter he quitted a 1vs1 game rated and he was losing. 10 min he paused and went eating during the game. Be carful playing with him
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