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  1. First, I wanted to personally share my appreciation to you in diagnosing this issue. Your response is deeply appreciated, and I do value your time in creating a new ticket. I will wait 48 hours to see if ticket #5679 helps to resolve this. Upon review and deeper reflection of the TOS and lobby agreements, I believe this ban was not issued correctly. I would never abuse the rating system, and furthermore I did not violate the TOS agreement.
  2. I am not sure what your response is suggesting. Can you give me a procedure to following when troubleshooting?
  3. Please help me. Anyone help me get my 0AD lobby account to work? It stopped working today. Someone in IRC said it might be blocked and it needs to be unblocked. The 0AD lobby says <system> forbidden. If you could help me, I would deeply appreciate your time and expertise in getting back into 0AD lobby. What information do I need too provide?
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