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  1. minecraft is awesome, u can do so many things. i use open source minetest with mineclone5 mod. but capture the flag mp mod is the best, strategy and pvp skill
  2. maybe he researched the heart from the barracks?
  3. Best thing you can do is to stop idolizing (famous) people. Gandhi slept with little girls and gave them enemas. George Washington forced people to fight for his own benefit. Mother Theresa didn't use money donations on poor people. Simón Bolivar was a cruel traitor...
  4. wow Sevda, stop trolling with smurf accounts. Isn't that rollo account from way back?
  5. Could that be pesem? Could be though, child marriages still happen in the 21th century in many religions.
  6. Ask to start or ready button was a feature from fgod (and later autociv) where one of the game setup buttons asked players to ready up attaching the old file...gamesetup.js I was trying to bring back some essentials I miss from fgod (some players have told me they miss them too, like ping from lobby) but my mod skills are subpar. If you see anything you like, use it (and improve it, it's buggy anyway).
  7. op!, defc0n I had a similar mod with goodies from fgod (autologin to lobby, more buttons, hear pings from lobby in game and game setup), but mine is hacky, sloppy and buggy (and one button needs local ratings mod) titbits.zip Can you add the "Ask to Start!" feature from fgod to gamesetup?
  8. better yet, a filter from date x, to avoid scanning many replays
  9. @Stan`: Having a similar mod, I noticed there are some naming inconsistencies. For example, some trees don't follow the general_specific file naming, some metal mines are missing the 'mine' part, the trees for the steppe biome are in a different directory, ...
  10. Also, @defc0n was leaving lobby, rejoining and changing nick repeatedly
  11. Can we start sharing weights? Whats the difference between some categories (value/umber)? I had to filter players with 5+ games to avoid some randos but this is still not right.
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