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  1. https://www.ageofempires.com/news/aoe2de-update-36906/ " When searching for a match as a pre-made team, the system was inadvertently using the sum rather than the average rating of all party members. This resulted in the system creating imbalanced matches. " https://www.ageofempires.com/news/rankedtg-update-5-2021/ https://www.ageofempires.com/news/updates-to-ranked-team-game-elo-calculation/ True. If a player decides not to resign & leaves then that behavior could somehow be reflected/deducted in the calculation? Creates incentive maybe?
  2. Love the refined, modernized look on version 3.1. What about having multiple background images (say a dozen or so maybe?) (especially @wowgetoffyourcellphone works) that are cycled so each time the game is run one would get a different one?
  3. Without oil, solar/wind/geothermal/nuclear energy is not possible. Without oil, hydroelectric dams that provide the electricity would have never been possible. Reality is that these giant energy companies/think tanks/equity firms/etc that reap the profits know this extremely well. There's a thousand things a solar panel can't do, but a hydrocarbon being processed into one of thousands of by-products are what greases the gears of global "capitalism". No way to make electric vehicles with oil. No way to mine for raw materials to manufacture 95% of the things that surround us without oil. Sure as heck can't move nuclear waste from point A > point B without oil. All about energy transformations. Always has and always will regardless of the naivety of our species. Squirrel.
  4. Hey, would there be any relevance between that specific error and or any problems related to mod incompatibilities while participating in lobby games with mods? @andy5995 suggested whilst troubleshooting community maps issues to clear 0ad cache and since doing so I have not had encountered this "fxaa" error with that mod enabled at restart...
  5. Right, back player wouldn't make p2 to even establish a market given the amount of wood. I'm fine with there being disadvantages either way as well. Merely wanted to point out the potential problem with that specific mapgen/option since it caters towards mainlanders. Think the unknown/random land map option also produces the kerala setup? These are nice options to have in the game. Breaks up the same ole mainland, mainland, mainland ad nauseam positions/strategies. Included the "Besides Ally" with 4 & "Stronghold" with 3 teammates.
  6. Correct, when testing the stronghold placement option, the mapgen(?) seems to place the teams at different distances (as shown in the provided mini-map) even though both game instances were run on medium map size. The thinking is that the player that would be positioned along the map border would be disadvantaged compared to the other positions. @Jammyjamjamman believes it has something to do with the randomness of math calculations? Not quite sure... Also, ran into an error after enabling the mod and restarting the game and entering into mod selection.
  7. @BreakfastBurrito_007 Find these ideas most interesting. Perhaps iber/kush monument ranges could be increased or have an additional mil/eco benefit or even increasing the amount of monuments one can make? Roman temple of vesta (medical treatment & loyalty) has 2 ranges of 40m + 75m for example. Always felt like the range for the kushite large pyramid wasn't substantial unless playing defensively or in rare instances where a stalemate occurs along enemy border and fighting is more localized to holding that border position.
  8. Probably just for personal preferences. Constraints due to the amount of "land" on some of the naval maps would be one reason. Having 5 merchant ships with 15 land traders garrisoned in each ship wouldn't be the best use of pop limits but +300% "profit" is substantial.
  9. If you have a sea merchant trade route going between two docks and make land traders, you can set the rally point of the land traders market to one of the merchant ships(while en route) and they automatically are garrisoned into the selected ship. Where/how it is determined that the ship will stop its course to load the traders, idk. But it is automated to that extent.
  10. Hi, how exactly does this work? Haven't had any luck. "execute an order now" So, it is similar to the auto-queue function whereas so long as the resource for the house(or unit) is available then woodcutter(s) will proceed to build the house, complete it, move to previous task & continuously do so as deemed necessary just from using the hotkey? pushorderfront = " " ; Modifier to push unit orders to the front instead of replacing. Total confusion... Thanks in advance.
  11. lol! thanks man! (look at these lazy b%$tards) cheers.
  12. ERROR: JavaScript error: gui/lobby/lobby~autociv.js line 117 Engine.GetGUIObjectByName(...) is null @gui/lobby/lobby~autociv.js:117:25 onLogin@gui/prelobby/login/login.js:48:9 onTick@gui/prelobby/common/feedback/feedback.js:27:34 __eventhandler1259 (Tick)@__internal(15) Tick:1:1 (Using @Langbart boonGUI mod as well.)
  13. Yea...... well....... you see........ . . . . . I got nothing (a25 looks great though)
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