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  1. Yea...... well....... you see........ . . . . . I got nothing (a25 looks great though)
  2. The error from the "unexpected crash". And we also were able to confirm this during the game as well. (Who was attacking with how many and where, etc.) My files should reflect, unequivocally, chrstgtr 2021-06-16_0004.zip 2021-06-16_0002.oos.zip 2021-06-16_0002.zip
  3. That I am familiar with, but where exactly are players suppose to be able to view the different biome choices that were removed since they can no longer "preview" them on such a map as mainland for instance? Only reason for bringing it to ones attention with ... Kind Regards
  4. Stay humble. "This removes the fancy mainland biome switch" - Was good while it lasted. "it's annoying when it's missing one biome" - justification. "I don't plan to merge large changes to the previews for now, so this diff is going through regardless." - fine, fine.
  5. rev. 25794 When cycling through the different biome choices, the actual biome image no longer appears in top right map preview unless under the selection of Gulf of Bothnia (frozen lake, late spring/ winter) & Persian Highlands (spring, summer). Every other map under the 'Recommended for Multiplayer' remains as the Subalpine image.
  6. cd 0ad ~/0ad$ binaires/system/pyrogenesis https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#Testing rev. 25782 - get OOS first turn replaying replays. (only caused by diff revisions assume) setting origin/destination markets seems bugged, made 5 traders, set them in motion, moments later, only 3 would continue route, other 2 would have to reset upon each idle. through the course of the match, it did not correct.
  7. @Stan` @wraitii participants marcaurel, yekaterina, nagasushi, palaiologos mainlog.html oos_dump.dat oos_dump.txt interestinglog.html palaiologos - host @nagasushi - initiated oos (doesn't appear to have a forum account)
  8. What exactly is "it's"? More specifically... Comprehend what your alluding to... Exactly. 95% of the bartering choices performed during competitive multiplayer games consist of exchanging the surplus food/wood > shortage stone/metal. So the 'selling' advantage provides benefits to the respective allies? Should be more like 20% > 25% given how the markets are manipulated in such manners as they are now. Glitchy in which context? Diminishing marginal utility? "Exploit it" - This implies a negative connotation when this bonus is MEANT to be exploited for that very reason. If anything 20 > 25% / 20 > 30% because it is not as though every 5 seconds players are bartering 100/500xyz down to 1xyz which would ultimately just render the bonus itself pointless.
  9. Secondary Bows + Secondary Swords upgrades did not enact a weapons switch when attacking from distance or up close. (could be confused as to how it works) Unlock Champions in Barracks was not necessary as champs were already unlocked after entering City Phase. Battering Ram and Stables icons.
  10. I should have stated more clearly. Rhombus* or a rotated square. "Selection circle" - Thought this was what @alre was referring to... Anyway, not sure that other players would agree if they were given a distinct, defining shape. Always felt Mercenaries were sort of a unique unit however, especially with the suggestions/opinions made by@wowgetoffyourcellphone
  11. Yea, on second thought it might probably be overkill, but at the same time a person couldn't possibly collect + act on the intel (if having whole map revealed for a specific duration). Assume your meaning an enemy cc and not your own. No reason for an additional strip around ones own territory. What outposts are (were*) used for. Good idea. What is the matter with espionage levels for each phase though? Slight pay increment for p1,p2,p3. Like Dakara says "just guess/save resources". Preferable to briefly observe enemies movements/building locations/resource counts than expanded vision of ones own territory. Not how espionage works. :)
  12. Why not just reveal the whole map for a certain duration rather than targeting specific units. Espionage levels for each phase. Delayed pay now/capture intel both nice ideas.
  13. 1) Cool idea, like it :) 2) Your a psychopath :) 3) " " Logger Killed when Struck by Top of Falling Tree, which was Felled by an Adjacent Cutter " " https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/face/stateface/wa/98wa076.html - How would a situation such as this work? We would lose our own units due to lax occupational safety hazards? (also ties into 1)
  14. Sorry about that, did not consider those to be popular videos. Those "popular videos" covered everything and more, quite extensively (to a history noob like me at least)... Was fortunate enough to even discover them on Youtube. They were from a PBS NOVA 3 part series (This long-running, award-winning documentary series focuses on science - the speculation, history and researchers associated with it and its many applications.) on chariots that I watched from 2013 (they were the gold standard when it came to historically accurate documentaries?). First noticed the thread, immediately came to mind and thought would be of help and interest. Apologies if it implied being used as a sort of go-to definitive source. :) Agreed 100%. Thanks. Yes, I see what you mean. Only in china? Too costly presumably, no? Bad joke. Suppose you've never ridden a highly trained endurance racing horse. :) Wouldn't even want to imagine the physical toll on the body being in a chariot, let alone a solid wood wheeled cart moving at such speeds over even the slightest bumpy terrain. Awful... Sure. Rather genius of the Chinese to even consider up-to 38 spokes. Think of the high failure rates of a 4/5/6 + spoked wheel.
  15. The wheel construction techniques and axle positions, they couldn't be more different when comparing the chinese and middle east versions. very neat... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HS2U7BqAivc 13:30 min mark - begins to explain the pros and cons between designs (more spokes increases stability, ride comfort and worked as a built-in redundancy in the event of single spoke failure) "we've explored Assyrian chariots, Egyptian chariots, Hittite chariots" , "the chinese chariots wheels are a third larger than those of middle eastern models" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRipPsvL-Z0 "solid wooden wheels" - plenty of demand as a chiropractor back then... Both documentaries are filled with great resourceful information. PBS documentary too
  16. having the ability to identify what was occurring in those instances that led to those "poor" decisions and attempting to make the proper adjustments in future games is very beneficial (learn from mistakes of self and other teammates) DADA = Data, Analysis, Decision, Action (repeating feedback loop invented by a famous USAF military strategist) (obviously or not) the high level players have their own unique 'art' form when competing (think bruce lee - honestly expressing yourself)... which (imo) is more about the psychological reflection/minimizing team risk(potential harm) > defining/implementing a specific strategy or build order... many pupils of borg 20 tips + valhirant YT (would you look over picasso's shoulder and tell him about his brushstrokes?) there is, at times, a struggle to collaborate (communicate properly) in an effective manner since they (high level players) don't make good use of each individual team members different strengths... (you'll find certain high level players where communication isn't even necessary, no words exchanged through the course of a match, each knows what the other will do or is expected to perform(social perceptiveness))... a teams intel(IQ) is assumed to be the whole of each individual team member, but a teams intel(IQ) is more like a collective intel(IQ) that transcends the sum of each individual... certain cases where prefer to be in a team with a trustworthy/reliable 1000-1300 (rank) than an unreliable/untrustworthy 1600+... blindly trusting your teammate has your back 100%/teams best interests at heart... Sorry if this is not a specific answer to "What are your Build Orders?" (had same questions too) :)... there are certainly more adept community members/high level multiplayer persons capable of such.
  17. Found this, which at least provides some explanation as to how those particular scores are calculated ... https://code.wildfiregames.com/D494 Right, thought this (column) was new with fgod.
  18. @Imarok@Angen@Nescio@FeXoR *** Warning *** Possible nothingburger/time suck. Self-explanatory underneath Military/Economy Ratio %. ... hadn't found much as to why/if the calculation is not included/required(for the team as a whole) or (for as long as can recall) has always displayed "0", only the gui/summary/counters.js location and its exclusion... Thanks in advance.
  19. also @pixel24 you can keep rapidly switching between the alt +. or alt + / or just keep one selection pressed down while right clicking those newly idle units to other destinations/tasks.
  20. @FeXoR @Imarok @Angen @Nescio @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Lion.Kanzen @Trinketos mountain out of a molehill player bartered 500 Food for 409 Stone. player bartered 409 Stone for 500 Food. x for y y for x no difference works perfectly fine watch replay. at one point he is under the impression that his opponent is 'getting rid of stone' for food when it is in fact the exact opposite that is occurring. It is his own confusion. ********** problem isn't with ambiguity nor the flexibility of english language nor substituting barter for exchange or gained, received, anything else ********** * TRANSCRIPT * BoredRusher bartered 409 Stone for 500 Food. BoredRusher bartered 340 Stone for 500 Food. says - "boredrusher getting some stone" BoredRusher bartered 287 Stone for 500 Food. BoredRusher bartered 330 Stone for 500 Wood. says - "i think that's how that works" says - "look, for some reason i feel like that should be the other way around" says - "if they're getting rid of food and getting stone it should be bartered food for stone, but it does it the other way around i think, im really not sure" says - "thats weird, like why would you be "buying" ( he pauses talking and the moment of confusion has set in for whatever reasons...) "getting rid of" your stone to get food, there is no reason he would be doing that" Notice BoredRusher never "gets rid of" stone in those 4 exchanges? same... goes from saying "gets some" (stone) to later saying "gets rid of" (stone) ^^ this is the moment where he gets wrong what ACTUALLY occurred by BoredRushers 4 "bartering" choices. says - "no, there is no way" says - "he got stone so that he could get more barracks (stone for barracks as maury???) and such and another civic center" says - "thats weird, thats weird... am i the only person that thinks thats weird?" says - "yea that should be the other way around, he bartered the food for the stone, no he "got" the stone, by bartering away the food" says - "or... or... (again questions himself as to what ACTUALLY occured) did BuredRusher actually give away stone to get food?" Your honor, I rest my case. @psypherium, no hard feelings <3 ... am a condescending @#&#036;% sometimes
  21. Called me Palaionub during the match... Clearly has a good sense of humor... He didn't rage quit when being rushed and even helped his team by sending resources and building ally second cc/fighting to hold critical position, etc. Remember that at one point he had a rank 700-800 which shows he has evolved and improved.. Exactly.
  22. My specs XFX Radeon RX 580 8GB GTS Black Edition No issues after a year or so and easy on the wallet... Hope it helps.
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