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  1. @Imarok Yes, in which the ModIo.cpp errors are now no longer appearing and compiling seems to complete itself. No, when it comes to this part of the process as shown in the second screenshot of original posting, which at first I had assumed were somehow correlated with the ModIo.cpp errors... Testing Run the automated tests to verify that everything works as expected like this: cd ../../.. binaries/system/test Running If everything went well, compiling the code worked and all tests passed, it's finally time to run the game: binaries/system/pyrogenesis @ffffffff Followed up with...
  2. @Imarok @ffffffff I should be adding this along with the libsodium tarball? @Imarok Uninstalled, reinstalled.
  3. @ffffffff Are you being sincere or sarcastic?
  4. @elexis Yes, was not fully thorough when providing the initially posted screen-shots showing various terminal commands etc., didn't include that part, but with libsodium installed, ran './clean-workspaces.sh' as @(-_-) had first suggested in the '0ad/build/workspaces' folder and followed that with apt update all packages and still the same errors persist in the same ModIo.cpp location. @Imarok Ok, will do.
  5. @Imarok So, what your saying is to do an auto-removal of the libsodium.tar in my above post? or all libsodium packages that are seen in synaptic? Which one would that be exactly? Apologies for confusion here. Also, I made sure to take into consideration per the build instructions that it was the most recent or required version, as @elexis and @stanislas69 have also pointed out in regards to.
  6. Yes, correct @Imarok. Here is Synaptic results. libsodium 1.0.8-5
  7. libsodium-stable-2018-05-05.tar.gz 29-Apr-2018 15:48 "On all versions except Ubuntu 18.04, you will need to install libsodium manually This tarball was the one that I first extracted.
  8. Hello, It seems that I'm incorrectly compiling code. After the 'make -j3' command per the build instructions for debian, ModIo.cpp errors appear which I assume means the compiling was unsuccessful. There are a few added screen shot attachments as well if it helps. Thanks for your time in advance.
  9. Is the server actually down or was I just banned too? (if so, why) ?
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