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Found 9 results

  1. early stage of a two-party map, should be playable in all sizes, and all combinations 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 and 4 vs 4. The map should be balanced, mines and obstacles are mirrored at the center. Every base has a stone and metall mine in close proximity and some bushes of berries. Between the player of the same party there are no obstacles. Additional Mines are evenly distributed. There are a lot of parameters in this map, i can change, like: average distance between groups of trees amount of trees in a group size of a group of trees, either they are all in a small spot, or they are more widely distributed number of additional mines distance between the players additional hills reflect.zip
  2. Here's a map I experimented with by using a dental xray for the heightmap
  3. I'm experimenting more with heightmaps. So far this is what I've come up with for Alexandria. What do you think? Maybe someone could make a better heightmap than the one attached? I've created this example map by replacing the red_sea.png heightmap temporarily (so generating the vanilla Red Sea map with a different png).
  4. Sup community, sharing random map King of the Hill's style I made for the kicks. You must place the 3 files under "username/Documents/My Games/0ad/mods/public/maps/random" Hope you try it out. I will be in lobby, ping me! Read suggestions. Added paths. Less wood and fish. Updated. I think I will not touch it anymore. Maybe clean the code. Thanks @elexis for guided tour. DOWNLOAD FILE: nani_maps_v0.10.0.pyromod
  5. I'm happy to announce my first map and mod for 0ad! Gaia is a random map aimed at beauty and realism: It aims to provide beautiful landscapes and pleasant environments that are different every time, making use of all capabilities currently provided by the engine. You can usually expect plentiful resources and large forests with a lot of wildlife, may contain lakes and mountainous features alike. Supports all the default biomes and player placement formations. Roads connect player positions, longer roads will appear more worn out. You may encounter mercenaries and random buildings or camps you can capture. A time of day can also be chosen, night is supported as well as stormy days with weather effects (biome dependent). Games aren't guaranteed to be fair and perfect all the time: Due to how heavily randomized the map is, each player may start in a better / worse area nearer to different resources. I had several matches with AI and it feels fair and balanced overall. Give it a try and let me know what you think! gaia_1.0.zip Instructions: Since I didn't feel I should make a whole mod for one map I packed the map as is. Just unpack the zip in ~/.local/share/0ad/mods/user, don't know what the path is for Windows. It should then appear in the random maps section when creating a match.
  6. This is a random map I started working on. Should I do more with it?
  7. Hi everyone ! So here is my little random map generator library. This alpha version is far from perfect yet, but I hope it deserves an eyeshot already. The archive contains two files and a folder to insert into your local settings at: Oad/mods/public/maps/random. The 'yamg' folder contains a library used by the demo program which creates a random map (Venustas only, it seems there are some differences with earlier versions). Of course, if you prefer all in a single file, you can copy/paste the whole library replacing the 'RMS.LoadLibrary("yamg");' instruction at the beginning of the map script 'aYamgDemo.js'. The picture here is a 'medium' map using the '7964' random seed value. I only changed the default sun settings to emphazise the relief. Open the map script and feel free to discover the various settings and options. You shouldn't need to edit the library itself. Just be careful with forests on large maps: the script could try to place a huge number of trees and will then choke Atlas. Have fun ! Now, I must say I'm not satisfied with this program for some reasons and would be glad to have a discussion about them. Of course, many details could be improved like round maps correct management and terrains melting, for instance. But this not really a big deal. A more serious reason is the library is too low level IMHO. For instance, someone could want a river crossing the map, a mountain in the north-west and so on. It's possible to do that with the library, but it's far from obvious and easy. I need ideas to build a higher level framework, and if you have some, you're welcome. The last reason is more abstract. I have worked for years on the topic (creating random maps for games like OAD), and always stumbled on the same problem: creating realistic and good looking maps is one thing, but most often, realistic maps are not balanced at all and even not playable. And well balanced maps are often not very realistic, because they are too regular and exhibit kind of patterns. The real challenge is to have both, and I don't know if it is even possible (contradictory?). This is why I don't rush to code other things like roads or resource placement. How could we define a balanced map in terms of constraints, this is the question I ask to everyone interested here, and I hope to have a discussion about it. Friendly, yamg.zip
  8. ERROR: JavaScript error: maps/random/lake.js line 301 ReferenceError: tTie4Terrain is not defined @maps/random/lake.js:301 ERROR: CMapGeneratorWorker::Run: Failed to load RMS 'maps/random/lake.js' Engine exited successfully on 2014-01-22 at 19:21:11 with 407 message(s), 2 error(s) and 0 warning(s).
  9. I thought of the following map: Schwarzwald This is a map with a rich valley in the middle filled with a lot of resources. Players start on the hills near the edge of the map. This is a map with a high forest density (Like AOEII's Black Forest map) The generation script is based on FeXor's Realistic Terrain Generation method. Spoiler The only thing I need to know is how to bias the realistic terrain generator to create a valley. Furthermore do I want to know how you made sure that the levels are playable. I noticed BTW that a lot of other RM-scripts use a heightbased texture painting too without looking very tiled. I'll try and see if it works for me. Some questions were raised during the process:
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