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  1. Hello again everybody, I was trying to get a multiplayer game going with the mod recently and I tried to update from the first version. I tried to get "letsfight_v0.2.2.pyromod" as it seemed to be the most recent version and the one the host was using. When I downloaded the mods and installed them by following the same procedure as the first release, it seemed to replace the first version of the mod but keep the old name of the first release along with (2.2) after the name. After I save configuration and start mods and go to join a game, I find that I need the "letsfight_v0.2.2" rather th
  2. Hello @letsplay0ad, These changes seem very well thought out and should make the gameplay a little more dynamic and less stabilized. Ideally, as players test the mod we could decide what parts are really good (candidate changes for a25) or what values could be tweaked. It would be awesome to see a25 take this direction. Nice work!
  3. Hey @hyperion Thank you for the response. I feel the late game stability is much stronger than you stated it to be, at least in the 4v4 setup that is most common. I do not have any replays to post because I don't know how to do that, but I am sure that you have heard of or even played one of these endless 4v4s. In retrospect, the a23 level of instability was a bit high during 15-25 minutes, but not quite the spike that comes with a24 at 18 minutes (due to the speed at which multiple eles and rams can be acquired). Usually there are 2 outcomes to a balanced 4v4, the game ends at 20 mi
  4. Hello everyone, @chrstgtr @Dizaka @bbgotbanned @PistolPete @cobrakai@badosu I have seen much frustration with the new alpha and it is much more worrisome than archers and eles being slightly too powerful or metal being too valuable. The problem is 4v4 gameplay pacing. I have been talking to players I often do 4v4s with recently and have been formulating my response to this for some time. This is what I believe to be causing the endless 4v4s we have seen so much recently. One point of concern is that these stalemates can happen even when teams are moderately imbalanced. I am sur
  5. Hello everyone, I have an idea to consider for the balanced maps mod if it is being updated for a24. I thought, from a few different 4v4s, and discussing with different players, that metal seems to be way too scarce as a resource. Right now many things cost metal, some p3 buildings, eco upgrades, military upgrades, siege or eles, swords for anti-ram, and don't forget hero. It is not that these are too expensive, it is that one metal mine (5000 metal) is not enough. The way it stands, a player who only has 1 metal mine is at an outrageous disadvantage to someone with 2 or 3. Often a player
  6. Well, basically the problem went away as suddenly as it came up. I sure hope it does not return. Thanks for helping me out nonetheless!
  7. Ok, my brother and I tried a number of things. 1. LAN games: He hosted a LAN game, and I joined, there was lag and even some times where the connection warning said I was losing connection. When I hosted one for him to join, He lagged in the exact same way. 2. MP games: in normal multiplayer no connection warnings appear for him on hosts where I left because of lag. From a Larger survey of hosts, it seems the only host I can reliably connect to is the one from USA. Also, it seems that my brother has the same problem just not as severe. Here are some screenshots from an MP game
  8. Ok so I was in a game where I was lagging badly enough for the host to kick, then my brother rejoined the same game and he had no connection issues (same computer and net).
  9. Hi wraitii, It's awesome to hear about the disconnect issue being fixed. As for the lag I cause on certain 0ad hosts, I have logged onto my brother's computer (same model and OS version) and tried the same hosts at the same time and confirmed that he does not experience any lag. I live in Oregon, USA, which is on the West coast. When he comes back I am thinking of copying the settings for 0ad he has arranged on his computer; I don't know if there are some settings that impact connection. Last night I tried finding the ping of the connection to 0ad and it seemed to be averaging around
  10. Hello all, I have been having some strange new lag problems that I have never seen before. I used to play 0ad on a 2011 Mac desktop, but I have recently changed to a 2016 macbook pro. On the 2011 mac I had never experienced myself lagging out a server except when my internet was underperforming. On the new computer, I have found that on certain hosts, I consistently lag bad enough that hosts kick me upon entry (even before game launch), while on other hosts my connection has absolutely no lag whatsoever. I tried different hosts soon after one another (to minimize changes in conditions),
  11. Well I was thinking about getting the testing version for mac and I realized my computer isn't able to update to run the version since its from 2011. Will the new alpha also only be supported on newer versions of Mac OS? If so, it looks like breaky will be squinting at a 13 inch macbook pro rather than the giant 27 inch from 2011 lol.
  12. Hmm these factions in these other mods sound really cool. Is there any talk of adapting them or some of them into a future alpha like there is with the Borg mod?
  13. Post here about any new civ ideas or critique of other's ideas. I have been thinking about what makes a good civilization in 0AD. Ptolemies are a great example of a creative faction, they have some wildly different gameplay options than with other factions in 0AD. I thought another cool civ could be a central asian origin nomadic group. The huns are a good example although they invade Europe later than the 500 BC to beginning of the common era. I am not sure if anyone else has thought of such a civ, but I could not find anything similar on the forums. I think there are a lo
  14. For the 60 slings to 1 enemy issue there could be a volley mode set as a working formation. The sum of all the damage from all the archers or slingers shooting at once could be cut by a ratio and then randomly distributed to a formation that is attacked. It might be possible to create an algorithm that estimates the population density of the formation being attacked by archers and then uses that to assign a ratio for how many arrows hit. Parts of the attacked formation that lie outside the range of the center of the archer group that is attacking should not be factored into the area of the for
  15. There is the opportunity cost of workers' labor... could be mining shooting whatever. However I think adding a repair cost might also be good.
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