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  1. are you sure about weak? doesn't it say from each of their markets. Maybe its a typo and means upon completion of one market, because that would be busted if you could get 10 metal/s from making 10 markets.
  2. Agis 3: infantry +15% movement speed 45 m radius and +1 pierce armor 45 m radius (He died from a javelin +sad) but also maybe it means he was fighting against ranged units which might justify the aura. It seems he commanded some mercenaries but sparta has no mercenaries to work with such a bonus. Chandragupta I liked the unit training function of chandragupta, but I am not sure if eles fit the bill. It would be a bit more awkward to see a whole ele pop out. I do think it would be epic to have a batch of like 5 eles training and then they pop out as soon as hero reaches the fight XD.
  3. A unique feature of a civ is one that departs in some way from the established trend of other civs. Creating an entirely new area of functionality for a particular civ, as was done frequently in Aoe4, is bad and gimmicky, if not impossible to balance. People often complain that Aoe2 civs are "all the same" but it is because they fail to realize the significance of a small bonus or small unique feature or upgrade to certain units or structures or economy. We don't have to do wild new changes in the name of differentiation. We need smaller, but key distinguishing features that players can use to beat one another.
  4. LOL I actually like this idea. It could be thought of as a yolo hero. Unfortunately I think most of the time he will just get sniped. That doesn't sound fun. Would they go to Gaia or just stop working? either way it would enter the player into a death spiral.
  5. Some people will say this is op, but this champions in p1 will be very hard to get since there is so little eco available then. I am a little confused about this one. if I understand it right, the skirms have a reduced attack but increased gather rate for grain around the sissitia. If I understand it correctly, it would mean that sparta can have a great defense of its fields, but up to a point where skirms are weaker than the invading force due to that negative damage part of the aura. @borg- Since spartan hoplites have been described above as members of the ruling society rather than just military people, I wonder if it makes sense to add a house type of spartan estate to add to build limit of spartan hoplites. Spartan estate would be a place where spartan hoplites could gain xp at a faster rate and become an Olympic Champion. The estate could cost 80 wood 50 metal to offset spartan hoplite cost by 20 wood 10 metal. +5 build limit per estate. Since their relationship to helots was respective to their land as described by @wowgetoffyourcellphone, perhaps it makes sense to give the grain range aura to those estates rather than the sissitia which would just train them and make upgrades. Overall I think the meatshield role for melee units that we largely see right now would be reduced by players having a commitment to keeping champions alive (so they can become olympic) and investing in melee damage that they can exploit with the movement speed upgrade. @borg- I like a lot of your ideas, and I think this is a good way to go about civ differentiation.
  6. Exactly what I was thinking. I am of course not excited about a recession, like most people. But accurate information is sought after by some investor type people because they are looking to find a way to make money even during a recession, or are trying to figure when/where to move around their money to minimize their losses. Of course some media outlets will just say "the economy is great" when a particular group is in power, and "the economy is terrible" when another group is in power.
  7. Ah, I had hoped that one was getting booted, will it have the same range and damage as crossbow infantry? Given how powerful horse archers are, I am worried about how powerful crossbow cavalry would be if they had longer range than slingers and skirms, and were used similarly to how horse archers are use currently. Imagine how OP a horse archer rush would be if they could kill women in one hit? I understand that they are slower, at 14.4 m/s, but I still think non-archer infantry would have no way of countering them. I am very worried about this unit. @AIEND says they should get booted from the roster, and I think archer cavalry will be easier to balance too.
  8. @maroder they don't have javelin cav right? It is quite powerful to have both spear and sword cavalry, but I think not having javelin cav makes that less op. It is a good roster, but I think its ok. My main concern is the individual balance of particular units such as the Pike(Ji), crossbow and the champions. Kush are another civ that has all three of the main melee inf types, but they have only one ranged CS inf, the archer.
  9. Well its a good point. Everything points to brit chariots being op but they are not complained about as much as firecav. I guess if more people play RCs we and try various strategies we will see if its a different situation for a26.
  10. One comment I have for ministers is that all of their eco buffs seem to be very small (2% per minister), and the most effective way to use ministers seems to be to garrison them in the ministry For the Minister over the Masses: I would prefer it to be some non-percentage based bonus that requires some management, like if its garrisoned in a storehouse or farmstead an extra 1/10 of the quantity dropped off by a unit will be added to the player's bank. For example: 10 wood dropped to minister occupied storehouse will result in 11 wood added to bank. For horse with 20 meat, 2 food will be dropped off. Garrison limit of 1 for storehouse and farmstead and docks (ministers only) Building speed one can stay but I think it should be increased to 4% per minister, this would be significant enough to allow unique building rush strategies. Ideally different uses for minsters could be used at different times, and for different strategies without one particular use that is better than them all. I am not sure if the dropsite garrison feature is possible, but it would be nice to have some more non-percentage based upgrades in the game. I think the garrison in ministry should be kept since a Han player might not always have time to manage the other bonuses, so garrisoning them in ministry might be a "safe" option for them to keep their huge investment 900 f 900 metal safe.
  11. crush damage is basically negligible against units, so I think 9.2 pierce/s is more accurate for slingers.
  12. Damage/cost of chariots with boudica is greater than damage/cost of firecav with indibil, in that sense they are cheaper (also consider less population space taken= more on eco). The remaining differences are that the overall hp and armor of firecav is greater (more mass), that firecav are harder to prevent (walls on food eco), and that firecav can destroy buildings. Firecav are also both smaller and more numerous, so they are harder to snipe. The most important of these differences is the walls on food eco, CS cavalry wont be as easy to use in a26 and raiding eco will be harder. -4 pierce damage is not a large nerf and I think the unit will still be op after the nerf anyway. And the unit is "not problematic" because of the food raiding ease that we have in a25, not really because of the strength of the unit in the first place. I think at the end of the day, the briton chariot won't be as frustrating as iberian firecav of a25 due to having more chances to raid food eco because even if it is harder in a26, it will still be possible. This should not be a release blocking issue, but if we do more TGs in the RC (plz guys), then we could make a more informed decision later.
  13. @maroder that change would be assuming crossbow training is removed. Even if it is not removed, then 10 pierce/second would be greater than the slinger dps which is 9.2 pierce/second, so I would argue for a range reduction to 40 meters to accompany your change, or perhaps an accuracy disadvantage compared to slingers. The unfortunate result will be that the unit will play very similar to slingers (but with some key differences), despite seeming so unique. @real_tabasco_sauce told me he would be willing to work on a repeat crossbow concept mod similar to the quote above as a potential long term solution, however his computer right now is busted. I think a repeat crossbow is the best way to achieve a uniquely played ranged infantry unit for the Han. Another thing to look at is the Han champions and heroes, but I have heard there were already changes in this area. There has been some concern about p1 swordcav for Han. I don't think it will be the end of the world because javelin cavalry, spear cavalry and home infantry will be ok at countering them. It is possible that a fast rush: (no stable, no barracks, cav from cc to chickens, attack before 2 minutes) will be quite OP for Han, so I might suggest that swordcav can only come from the stable and not cc. I have only seen a few swordcav rushes in the RC, and none have been chicken-based like we see sometimes in a25, so it is something I will look out for in future RC multiplayer tests.
  14. @Gurken Khan with enough tries I could reproduce. I have heard this one for as long as I can remember in 0ad, it does seem to happen more with cavalry than with infantry.
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