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  1. @chrstgtr perhaps you are right about it being more important. Given that all civs have their power spikes at the same time and in an abrupt manner, a 30-40 second lead can make a bigger difference, with players often sending 5-6 rams on their first attack. I would be a fan of bringing ram training back to the fort and eliminating the siege workshop for some civs. If someone was going to spawn with 0 extra hunt and 0 extra berries, then the feature would automatically spawn them 50% chance a berry group and 50% chance a hunt group, it is not as severe as other map balancing things, but it prevents rock-bottom which is actually quite frequent. Another issue is champions (of which some are more OP than others). In the past (a23), champions were almost never viable, in a24 there was not enough metal to make champions even if they were viable then. Now, champions are viable and there is metal to make them. What I dislike in a25 is how easy it is to mass champions, and how helpless a player is after an enemy has done that. I say this as someone who has massed champions frequently before, and found it too cheesy/easy. I think champions should have no unlock if you train them from fortress or champion training building (mess hall/ gymnasium type thing), and that current unlock techs for training champions in barracks/ stable should be much more expensive (+500 wood +400 metal) and train champions at a slower speed than forts. Ideally, it would be practical to train a few champions from forts/unique building but takes a lot longer to train them from barracks or stables. This would also make the unique buildings more significant as an actual advantage rather than disadvantage.
  2. frequently I notice that players spawn without extra hunt or extra berries. I do not think that all players should have equal resources 100% of the time, but it should be roughly equal. Keep in mind the location of the hunt and berries also matters. Once each player has 2 hunts or two berries, additional ones are less important. The main problematic case is the one where there is neither extra berries nor extra hunt, this puts the player at a serious disadvantage. I think adding some mechanism to prevent a player from hitting rock bottom in food luck would be good enough to prevent the worst of the issue. I am not sure whether the food resources "lottery" has gotten more extreme since a23, a24 or whether it has simply become more important.
  3. I think it is ok to have this condition, but it is good that they can only be captured by monks, but cancelled by any enemy unit who kills the monks. It makes map control a little more important when there are so many resource generation mechanics in AoE4 that otherwise would not require you to have much map control. By far the worst victory condition is landmark victory, where a player just builds trebuchets and snipes the enemy landmarks (which can sometimes be only 3-4 buildings) faster than the enemy can repair them. I watched SOTL play a AoE4 4v4 and he was winning but then was eliminated because he did not notice his landmarks were being destroyed. My favorite features of AoE4 are the garrisonable and upgradeable walls and upgradeable castles. Another cool thing is the weapon based unit upgrades and melee unit charging. To me it is so strange that they made all of these nice realism/gameplay improvement features but then decided to make all projectiles a 100% hit probability, I feel that it is wasting all of the effort they put into the other features in the game to make projectiles so comedically simple. Without accuracy/ projectile simulation, ranged units are just melee units with long attack range, like extremely long pikes that just do a small amount of damage. Some people argue that inaccuracy is RNG, but in my opinion this is fine because the outcome is still controllable by the player. I argue that there is much less skill in knowing exactly how long your scout can spend under a TC before dying, rather than a skill-based intuition made up of your estimate of your enemies' accuracy upgrades/willingness to garrison to increase arrows/how much of the TC you need to see/how much of a threat you want your scout to be. Another example is if you have a knight looking to kill vills and it encounters X amount of archers, you can't run away because you know X amount of archers will one-shot your knight, so you just look away and accept the knight is dead even before the archers shoot. The inaccuracy does not have to be as extreme as AoE2, but it should at least be present in game.
  4. @Gurken Khanthat would be quite funny in multiplayer. Imagine just seeing a trader break from his route and check out ur barracks/stables.
  5. Yea, the goal it to make it an “attack-zone” controllable by the player. In a25 right now there is a huge emphasis on things that can create or overcome a meatshield. In that regard the worst units are archers and spearmen. This would not be problematic if there was a way for ranged units to shoot over incoming melee, in alpha 25 right now there is no feasible way for ranged units to target enemies besides the closest ones. For example: archers are worse than skirmishers because skirmishers can kill the melee in the middle first; if archers were able to use attack-ground (or attack-zone) then they would be able to make use of their range.
  6. @KKaslana There has been talk about attack-ground improving unit balance as well as diversifying and improving battle skill. there is https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1971. I have talked to @Yekaterina about it being put in a mod already, but I wonder if this is a possible good mod to add it to? also Hi nagasushi! its been a while
  7. My main concern is how annoying it will be to fight mangudai when they are faster than most other units in the game and able to attack while moving while hitting 100% of their shots (each arrow is laser-guided). I feel this will lead to situations where the mangudai are always able to do damage and always able to avoid damage. I feel the projectile (even bombard cannon) 100% accuracy will make the game very shallow and eventually boring. Right now the "landmark victory" means all you need to do is snipe 4-5 buildings to win the game, even if your enemy is easily capable of beating you after the loss of those buildings.
  8. @Dizaka You know they do it out of fear though! XD
  9. @Dizaka just choose kush instead lol. Its not op, but it sure is epic.
  10. I agree that it is too easy to mass champions. I think they should be added with no unlock to fortresses and the unlock for stable/ barrack should cost a lot more food some wood and metal. This way, it would be harder to plan to mass champions as you may have to forego some back-up eco, some military upgrades, or some time. By then an enemy could have killed you with other units. Adding them with no unlock from the fortress would help players to train a few and use them wisely rather than massing and killing everything. Implementing some way to train rank 2/3 units in p3 (at increased food/wood for rank 2 and +10 further metal for rank 3) for different civs/units should also help bridge the gap between CS and champion units. Attack-ground should also help reduce the over-importance of meat shielding.
  11. @ I agree with this, but I think it would be better to just give an inherent .3x counter vs palisades to melee cavalry, this way, palisades actually offer a more significant protection vs cavalry and will allow a smart player to position his units and palisades in such a way as to prevent cavalry from going in. I also think there should be some adjustments made to palisade and stone wall placement to make it easier to seal off an area, like going between houses or barracks.
  12. alre, the main drawback to eles is that they usually come from archer civs. One of the strongest ele civs this alpha is seleucids because eles can back an army that is already strong in dps. Even if all their skirms are shooting your eles, your skirms/melee will be killing their skirms. Also, if you have metal left over, it is easy to keep making eles since all they require is food and metal.
  13. Why this rule? Also, you know you can just use /ban and get rid of any player you want to ban.
  14. That does not sound that bad to me, but I guess in the netherlands, volume comes at a premium. From what I heard, the US just stores all the waste on site, in temporary containers (really dumb). As for storage, I think people have to just start building/digging these storage facilities if they want to keep having nuclear power. Otherwise it will only be more and more problematic as time goes on.
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