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  1. yea I tried it out and it certainly did not seem OP or abusable.
  2. I like some of the balance changes, and I am worried about others. I am not sure if you wanted free livestock available at all corrals or just the gaia ones, but free livestock seems like a nice way to allow for both fields and corral food income through the whole timespan of a match. @Player of 0AD is, from my observation, the best player at managing corral economy as it exists in A25, so I would be interested to hear his thoughts about that part of the mod. I think this mod is complex enough that we ought to just get together and test its gameplay before more discussion.
  3. This is very exciting @ValihrAnt, I will try it soon.
  4. @alre that sounds good actually. Probably not as a team bonus tho. Also, people should not freak out about this as maur can already move out the eles. My main fear is that A26 comes by and some of those big topics we all discussed don't get addressed. For example, pretty much everyone agrees that those civs I mentioned need better team bonuses. I don't care too much about the bonus itself, it just can't be too general to be strategizeable or too specific to apply to most civs. Personally, I think the -50% phase up time and cost would lead to very creative strategies.
  5. Add team bonuses to civs that don't currently have any worthwhile ones. Britons, Carthaginians, Persians, Athenians. We need to prevent these civs from continuing to the next alpha having no team bonuses and continuing to complain about iberian bonus being op. These civs, and frankly all civs, should have bonuses comparable to iberians, ptols, gauls, and romans. Athenians: "Democracy" -50% phase up time and -50% cost Persians: Something with cavalry. maybe cavalry train time like romans have for inf? Carthage: idk.... something good. Perhaps house discount? Britons: +10% movement speed for inf. Heros: Agis 3, and Athenian heros besides iphricates need relevant bonuses/auras nerf indibil to (-20% cost +20% train time) Some ptol hero nerf? basic unit rebalances: small bonuses to spearcav (armor? cav counter?), cs archer,(damage?) and small nerf to pikemen (hack armor?). We need to agree to the substance of these balance changes in this discussion if we want change to happen.
  6. @the-x I agree that this is an extremely important topic that goes beyond alpha to alpha balancing. I think there are three general categories where improvements will do the best to make the game more fun: civ diversity/ uniqueness creative and powerful team bonuses (for example britons current team bonus is -25% hero cost and train time) battle mechanics (right now is very simple: melee die, then ranged die)
  7. Large farmsteads can also connect apple trees that are farther apart. Therefore civs with large farmsteads can often connect patches of food resources more efficiently than other civs. There are also trade offs for each house type 5, 10, or 20. Easy to place, afforded earlier, less hassle, using non-wood resource.
  8. I tried out the bundle just now and I must say the unit movement looks great. I was impressed that the units slow down more when they make a bigger turn. As for the overall acceleration values with regard to balance, I think infantry should have faster acceleration.
  9. Well, from the test match we played (3v3) I can definitely say that attack-group results in a much higher damage output (ignoring things like units moving while shooting, chickens not dying etc.). At this point I think a true attack ground would be better for gameplay and would require less rebalancing of units. attack-ground scoring a smaller percentage of hits would be ok, since there is still the power of choosing where those hits go. I think there would be an actual tradeoff, which would allow for situations where u want to use attack-ground and some where you don't.
  10. @Feldfeld these changes sound nice and I would be keen to test them. Another idea that has been going on that would address pikemen (and high damage ranged units) is attack-ground and/or attack-group. A25 battles have really been about how fast your ranged units will kill enemy melee and how long your melee units can survive against enemy ranged units. It certainly is time we considered the dps of melee units. I think even if these changes are tested, refined, and implemented, we would probably still want some kind of attack ground or attack-group. There is a recent and more productive discussion on this topic that has resulted in a mod that explores different shooting behavior of ranged units. It is quite interesting and we are trying to get players to test it.
  11. kill/death ratio means ratio of enemy units killed/ your units lost. It is an indicator of how well your battles are going. Usually you want to kill your enemy more than he kills you so a KD greater than 1 is good and a KD less than 1 is bad. It certainly is possible to win games with KD < 1, but it is not common.
  12. @LetswaveaBook do you think it makes sense to have the other ranged units have this behavior? Also, do you like it the way it is, or do you think the area where units look for targets should be controlled by the player? Ideally we would play some multiplayer games to see whether this is OP in some situations, rather than reaching the fast and maybe not accurate conclusions that we got from simulated battle tests. Also, I am interested in healers becoming useful again.
  13. @real_tabasco_sauce That really is a concerning amount of damage. Perhaps attack-ground (from video) would be worth it even with many archers missing and hitting the ground, because there would still be the trade-off of doing less hits but on preferred targets (like skirms). @LetswaveaBook had some concerns about making pikes useless. I am not sure, but it seemed that you could still use pikes as meat shields with @LetswaveaBook mod, but it is less effective and less easy as in a25. Pikes as a meatshield would be more effective if the pikes were a larger percentage of the army. Perhaps also allowing skirms and slingers to use this would allow them to spread their dmg more efficiently.
  14. I wonder if there is a way to make the archers get a greater accuracy penalty when shooting over other units? Maybe we could just give them an accuracy penalty when using these features. Also, what are peoples thoughts on giving other ranged units these features? Do you think slingers or skirms would be able to see as much benefit from them?
  15. Minecraft has a few things going for it. When there is time for it, for example the holidays, I like to start basic survival worlds with my bro, and I find it much more relaxing than other games.
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