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  1. If the script can do this it needs to be changed to not do this.
  2. This script from @Helicity is different. I think it is only accessible from replay storage, not live. If defcon can do this in game, it is absolutely cheating.
  3. The falkland/malvinas islands were uninhabited prior to the Spanish, British, and French colonial battles to control them. War and force are the only methods that have ever decided who controls falklands/malvinas, not peaceful indigenous habitation. I wouldn't hold the referendums in Scotland and Donbass to the same standard. Also I would not consider the idea of secession of donbass and scotland to be similar outcomes. The one in Scotland was a democratic process, while the one in donbass was a sham, happening only after the territory was under the control of Russia. If the Scottish one was successful (if Britain didn't stop it), Scotland would likely remain a democracy in close partnership with Britain (or I guess just England and Wales at that point) and potentially join the EU/NATO. In the case of Donbass, there would not be an independent country but a province taken over by Russia. About the fishing, the difference between the Chinese and Japanese and Korean illegal fishing is that the Chinese fishing fleets are largely encouraged and directed by the government to fish aggressively and illegally.
  4. In many games you need to consider whether you actually need these or not. It costs a lot of stone and the other resources are more useful for attacking your opponents. Gauls can use the least stone of any civ since their barracks don't cost stone and they don't need a fort for p3. Gauls can be very powerful with cav and other fast units, so when I play gauls I don't mine any stone the whole game and instead barter the 525 or 750 stone I need to go to p3.
  5. archers are amazingly strong if you can "snipe" with them. Also if you have a decent mass of archers in your base for economic purposes, then it can be very easy to defend against skirm cav or archer cav rushes as long as you outnumber them significantly.
  6. AoE 4 is a bad reference for this, previous AoE games have done this quite well. Counter systems make for good gameplay and we can have some in 0ad too. Hard counters are challenging from a balance perspective in 0ad because non-cavalry units are the primary economic units.
  7. I agree they seem more vertical, but I actually think it looks great.
  8. Shyft boomed and fought usually 2 minutes before yekaterina accounts do. I know you are a good enough player to easily beat both of them, but I am not so I think its easier for me to see the differences. If yekaterina was able to change seamlessly from behaving like shyft to normal, I think it would be a multiple personality disorder situation.
  9. "yekaterina" might have a ton of smurf accounts, but there is still a huge gap in playstyle and more importantly behavior between them and shyft.
  10. I am just unsure how much of the game you actually want to play. Researching techs is part of the game and so is building buildings, if you don't want to spend time and resources getting techs I don't see why you would want to wait for buildings to be completed. Well the end of the story is that the best way to achieve free and instant tech researching is with in-game cheats, I am aware that there is a variety of them so perhaps there is another cheat that better suits your interest. As for a mod that you suggest, someone has to make it for it to be there. no
  11. What is wrong with this? With this cheat you save time on everything, including buildings. Cheats can be used online too.
  12. you can always just use in-game cheats if you want to do sim-city. just click "cheats enabled" and when the game starts write: "gift from the gods".
  13. Ideally the fun comes from figuring out how to win vs other players and with other players. Ultimately this should not be stressful or else its not fun. I agree some people take things too far, I am not concerned about @Atrik's setup, I am just suggesting that we decide what things can and can't be automated before we lose parts of the game.
  14. main concern is the meat shield meta now applying to this. Perhaps if melee armor/damage values are rebalanced in the next community mod, then it won’t be as much of a problem.
  15. I think we probably want to have a target selection similar to units before it gets put in community mod, I think it would reduce ways to exploit the new building AI and give players more control.
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