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  1. Fixable with a client/server architecture (a lot of work to implement and somewhat more bandwidth use) or streaming (some work to implement, huge bandwidth use, need for advanced graphic hardware and power to run it for each player on the server side, probably lower graphic quality due to some lossy compression, and some lag). For now, just play with full vision to make it equal for all players. I assume that you mean many wall sections built from a turret. Easily fixable by requiring a minimum angle between them. I assume that you mean for example the "lethal deathboat" w
  2. Rules only enforced by honesty have certainly been considered previously. For example players not looking at (and listening to) things that should be hidden from them in Widelands was discussed back in 2003-2004. It is trivial to modify such a game to see and hear everything. In just an evening, someone familiar with C++ but not with the 0 A.D. code can check out SVN, figure out which dependencies are needed and install them, get it all built, look around the code and find the places that need to be modified, change and test until it works. (Some things in the game might be hidden from the use
  3. Which is the effect of the Theatron? I find different percentages. And are only Macedonians limited to building 1 only? theater.json:5: { "value": "TerritoryInfluence/Radius", "multiply": 1.2 } theater.json:7: "auraDescription": "Structures +20% territory influence radius.", civs/athen.json:98: "Special": "The Hellenization civ bonus. Building a Theatron increases the territory effect of all buildings by 25%." civs/mace.json:88: "Special": "The Hellenization civ bonus. Building a Theatron increases the territory effect of all buildings by 2
  4. Now that YouTube stopped sending notifications for subscribed channels, it is important that we post new videos here so that we can get notifications from here instead. Here are a couple of videos that were released after YouTube's change, which some therefore might have missed:
  5. I would not expect snapping towards a building when holding the preview near it. I would only expect it to snap away from the existing building (or terrain that can not be built upon) when the preview is placed over it. That is such an obvious thing to do so no modifier key or option should be needed. Keep it simple!
  6. Found the patch, wiki page and a forum post with screenshot of 0 A.D. on POWER9.
  7. Building placement is frustrating (for me and for people I have watched playing in online videos). The problem is, that as soon as the building preview (which follows the mouse cursor) is moved slightly over an obstacle, it turns red (which means that it is not allowed to place the building there). To fix this, the preview should snap to the closest position next to the obstacle. This should only happen when there is a slight overlap.
  8. Simulation-side short-distance patrolling enables automation of dancing right now. But so would UI-side patrolling, which would not be too difficult to implement, but may require low network latency to work. Of course, automated dancing countermeasures could also be implemented UI-side. But a more appealing fix would be realistic unit movement (acceleration, kinetic energy) in the simulation. I recall someone mentioned testing this, but gave up because it made formations difficult.
  9. I agree that the starting meat animals should be goats, sheep or pigs. That would be a quick and easy fix. Domestic poultry could be something that we just imagine exists at the houses and are below the game's scale of simulation. The chickens could be reused as wild animals in a suitable biome, like the peacocks. It makes more sense to use cavalry to collect wild birds because they are far away and spread out. The actual meat gathering should be equally fast for women and cavalry. The advantage for the cavalry should be the mobility.
  10. It seems like everyone uses cavalry to slaughter the chickens at the civic center. It seems very unrealistic and I wonder if any ancient civilization actually did that? So right now realism in 0 A.D. totally ends at 0 seconds into each game. (Yes, there are plenty of other unrealistic things in the game, but this stands out.) It would seem natural to balance the game so that using the women to slaughter the chickens is the best thing to do. It should be a waste to use a cavalry man for that. He should use his greater speed and ability to kill to hunt larger and more dangerous or difficult-to-h
  11. I find this interesting and imagine that it is what I remember from Settlers 3 (there are videos online for the young people). It worked with a lot of units on a Pentium II 400 MHz. Units would automatically step aside if another unit was coming too close (quite realistic). Hope to see this in 0 A.D.
  12. I envision that the user gets as much automation as he wants. If he does nothing at all, his player will be computer controlled. So defaults should be sensible. But the user can turn off particular automation features at different levels and try to manage things better manually. (If the player has turned off for example automatic building placement, the automation could still make suggestions, like "now it seems to be a good idea to build a storehouse here, OK?". Of course the user should be able to turn off suggestions as well.) Whether the workers emerge automatically from a civic center, ba
  13. An idea for slightly more realism: The player never tells a citizen which tree he should chop. The player associates each citizen with a dropsite. He will go there and deposit his armour and wepon. The dropsite sends its associated citizens to a resource site. The player can tell the dropsite in which proportion it should try to collect the different kinds of resources. Or this could be done on a higher (economy-wide) level and more or less automatic/smart. The dropsite would send its slowest-moving citizens to the closest resource sites and the faster-moving citi
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