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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, 1. (no combat) Luring units - it is great idea to lure enemies or wild animals but I believe it is too simple to lure your whole army. When you hit for example hero, he will run as far as the other unit die. Luring gaia is fine like that, but for player the default stand of the unit should be "defensive", instead of simply aggressive. Which will allow you to lure ur enemy 1 by 1 but for shorter distance as units will automatically run back. Wild gaia animals would be still ok to be lured and eaten by our cavlary, chopped and puted to the cc. xd 2. (combat) Luring while fighting with big armies - I think when it comes to fights, units should attack closest enemy instead of following 1 unit which is simply running away (best example: take ur cav hero as a frontier, then move back to the back of ur army and simply each soldier will follow him, while enemy army will simply start killing your units.) Yes, I can do that manually but currently I think top players abusing that as the advatange of the game, not as a player. (kinda lol) What could be the solution for that? If player select hero to attack, they will try to kill him mainly but if no selection has been made units should attack closest enemy. So if low HP unit will run away system should "leave it" and let player decide about that. 3. Hero amount of deaths - I thought mostly borg mod will have another illogical ideas such as eles being killers of the mighty spear cavlary... there are some amazing ideas. Main one is: 1 life for hero per game. You have 3 picks. Once all die , you are left with no hero. Deal with it. 4. Dancing with your unit - Yes, most of us knows whats that. How to simply fix that issue or at least reduce it? Remove patrol option for multiplayer. Did anyone use that anymore for patroling city in multiplayer? Not talking about newbies. None of us using it. I was one of the first starters who abused that, sadly. (there was maybe 1-5 people before me) Sadly, it is getting frustrating when you play team games and you know that none of them would actually do that in real life. Another idea for this is to add a script which will react to multiply clicks on the ground without selected unit which will be counted as spam move. To dance manually u select an unit then u click from 1 point to another. As fast as you can so you will miss all arrows. By removing patrol and adding checker of spam move (clicking) dancing will be reduced at least. What do you think about that? I don't think spamming clicks on the ground of 1 unit should belong as ur main skill.(dancing) Simillar stupid idea was in Borg mod which had elephants being op killers of spear cavlary. xD ( ͡º ͜ʖ͡º) @ everyone else lol @Feldfeld @Hannibal_Barca @elexis @borg-
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