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  1. Hello, I've just tried to create an account after a long break from the game and I got the same error. 'Authentication Failed. Incorrect password or account does not exist' Well, account exists since I just created it and password is certainly correct. Username: 11JK Game version: Alpha 24 Build May 18, 2021 (24937-release) @user1
  2. I've updated my patch, fixed issues with whitespace differences and some other small changes. Now it builds successfully and passes tests.
  3. I've uploaded new patch to D14 that should fix memory leak issues. My code editor (CLion) messed the code by automatically reformatting source files... That's why there are whitespace differences. How can you tell arcanist to ignore them?
  4. I don't have any problems with 0-1 threads... That's actually bad because it makes issue harder to find for me. Is it OS-specific?
  5. Yeah, sure. I'm working on update but recently (because of christmas) I had no time, and development was frozen. Today I will probably start actual work again. Yeah, sure. I hope it will . But first we need to analyze and solve bugs reported here, and maybe do what I was talking about on phabricator. Memory leak is kind of a release blocker.
  6. Windows linux or mac? for linux it's ~/.local/share/0ad/replays/0.0.23
  7. I've set up a game with 6 AIs, one hard defensive and 5 very hard aggressive. I went to kitchen to eat something and after 30-40 minutes when I went back game was already using all of my RAM (8GB, game was using like 7.3) and 4 GB of swap. Hard defensive AI has crushed opponents and number of units on map was ~700. When I exited to main menu game was still using all that RAM. This memory is not used by pathfinder components. I don't know what is allocating it, maybe JS.
  8. Yeah, I forgot. If you din't tick the checkbox default number of threads will be used, so by default default number of threads is used Thank you for packaging this patch I will take a look at this too. Actually my memory usage is 3.5 GB for 7 AIs on linux. My memory usage exceeds 4GB (5.5GB at the moment), but I get no crash. I've heard that windows version is 32-bit so cannot allocate more than 4GB.
  9. What if you use one thread or disable threading? (0 threads)
  10. Since you have 4 logical processors I would try using 4-6 threads. Would be nice if you could try using 1,2,4,6 and post results here.
  11. Sad thing to hear. I will look at this issue. Thank you very much for reporting. At least one to see a difference. Using single thread gives big difference from not using threading at all. Usually optimal value is around 2*(number_of_cores-1). At least from my experience.
  12. @(-_-) thank you for testing. I've also done some testing with @nani This pathfinder patch does not make game lagless, but it stops pathfinder from being a bottleneck. Next bottlenecks are network latency for MP games and AI for SP games. Lags you have seen were most probably caused by network latency and not by pathfinder. Yes, that means MP game on local network where all players have multi-core CPUs(no network latency, no AI, high number of threads for all players) is almost lagless.
  13. I've attached it to my post I only have windows and linux on my computer so I probably can't help you much with compilation on mac . If people will have problems compiling this patch I will just host binaries somewhere. I can only do it for windows and linux tough. What does tonight mean for you? Could you give UTC time?
  14. I've merged D14 and D53 patches and it has improved pathfinder performance a lot (see this topic). I've already made a few tests myself, however a real multiplayer game is needed. The purpose of this test is to check: - if there aren't any errors - how does the patch improve performance Common issue of multiplayer games with large number of players are lags, appearing when there are lots of units. In some cases it makes game unplayable. Goal of this patch is to fix these lags or at least decrease them. We need to play such multiplayer game with lots of units and unlimited population. We need at least 6 players. We already have two: me and @Feldfeld Download latest version of code, apply attached patch and compile. (See build instructions for more info) EDIT: attached patch contains memory leak, newer version is available to download on D14. pathfinderupdate.patch
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