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  1. Thanks, I wasn't sure if this was intentional.
  2. I've been using the SVN version. I noticed today that the keyboard seems to use Dvorak for the chat, but the hotkeys use Querty.
  3. Hi, I use the Dvorak keyboard layout on my computer. However, I've noticed that the game seems to change the keyboard layout to QWERTY. I know that on A23 it uses Dvorak. Is this intended?
  4. Hi, I've been working on some modifications to 0ad that would allow a default building orientation to be set on maps. The changes define a new player attribute, DefaultRotation, in the JSON describing a map's players. However, when I define this attribute in a map's data, that attribute is not passed as part of the "settings" object to LoadPlayerSettings() in /simulation/helpers/Player.js. So the program ends up falling back on the default values. I assume that I would need to modify the code that generates the "settings" object. I don't know where this code is located, though. Are those the c
  5. I've updated the map with more elevation variation and a new road from the Roman city to their Celtic allies.
  6. I've updated the map to use more varied textures for the grass. Does this look better?
  7. Hi, thanks for the advice. For adding texture variation, would using more varieties of grass be a good way to do that? Also, is there a way to set the default rotation for buildings created by a player? I've noticed that buildings constructed by the AI are misaligned with the buildings placed in the scenario.
  8. Hi, I just started working on maps recently, this is the first one I've completed. I would welcome any advice or tips for improvement. I packaged it as a mod to make it easier to distribute. It's a map of a British forest under invasion by Romans. Roman invaders have built a colony along the banks of a river. Two Celtic tribes live in villages in the forest. One tribe is allied with the Romans, the other is unallied. The player is a third Celtic tribe which is encamped in a hillfort. The Romans are heavily fortified against attack, but will be forced to expand into vulnerable territory to
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