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  1. This is weird. If the archive is corrupted, then why does a reboot help? It cannot restore a damaged archive, can it?
  2. Reboot helped, but I reinstalled the game anew, after deleting traces of previous files. This bug occurred when generating a medium sized 3 player AI Mainland on the hardest difficulty. These were the Ptolemies, Mauryas and Seleucids.
  3. Since elephants are mostly unbalanced units, I suggest that upon reaching their 15-20% life bar, change their affiliation to Gaia, forcing them to attack everyone in a row.
  4. Is it possible to paste this into alpha 26 as a separate file?
  5. I hope there will be a mission in the "tutorial" about this? I doubt that the average player would even know about this feature.
  6. I already realized that the mod is not ready. As for the game, no one was surprised by the feature I described in the games like the Age of Empires series. Why this is surprising here - I do not understand. Since 0 A.D. was originally made as a mod for the first Age of Empires, I generally thought that the ability to skip eras is basic here. Unfortunately no.
  7. But after all, it will be possible to re-release Alpha 27b later with this function?
  8. Will it be possible, as in the Age of Empires 3, to set each enemy individually handicap?
  9. Not quite clear. Will it only fix the towers? Will the Han Chaoting be there?
  10. If the mod is working, why can't it be integrated into the game itself?
  11. Perhaps the fact that we do not need to speed up construction, but only to get rid of the burden of research? Have you ever played C&C3? Research there does not hang like a dead goose and does not burden the gameplay. And the presence of units there depends only on the presence of the desired building, and not on research, which devours all the accumulated resources. Not only me, but also many other players on other gaming forums consider many prices are too high. Instead of enjoying the result of the research, players have to focus again on collecting resources in order to cover the costs and buy at least 5 "red" soldiers. By the way, the unit preparation time is also too high.
  12. If I'm playing online with another person and we just wanted to save our time by not researching all this bunch of technology, do we need to use a cheat too? I'm surprised you're not suggesting that we should move to the Age of Empires and play with the post-imperial era there.
  13. While observing the AI, I noticed that it neglects to improve the watchtowers. The Han AI does not upgrade the city center to Chaoting. And the AI never uses wooden outposts. Do the developers plan to train the AI to at least upgrade the towers and teach the Han to upgrade the city center to Chaoting?
  14. I really hope to see this implementation in the next alpha. Because the development of the city from scratch is simply unbearable.
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