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Found 2 results

  1. Eae manos, While the SVN version is already playable, there have been little to no opportuninities to play a TG. This is due to players not having installed the version, but also to a lack of coordination, which is the issue this thread aims to solve. So please state here if you are intrested to play a SVN TG and also mention when you might find time to do so. Get SVN Version: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructionsGettingTheCode svn co https://svn.wildfiregames.com/public/ps/trunk/ 0ad Or check on Saturday a few hours ahead , if installer provided for this event is available for a simplified installation process of the correct version. Update: Should be ready, here Stans Post: , thanks a lot @Stan` 0 A.D. Art Team 6.922 12.971 posts Posted 14 hours ago Windows link https://www.mediafire.com/file/impg1nstotftnga/0ad-0.0.24-24841-alpha-win32.exe/file For Mac: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8sjwsc3vo2s2nph/0ad-0.0.24-24841-alpha-osx64.dmg/file A few notes! - The RCs's version is r24841 - The RC will overwrite the current installed version. - The RC will use your current config including mods, so make sure to disable everything (fgod, autociv, and badosu's mod are not supported) - You might get warnings about hotkeys, we redesigned completely the system, so you might have to fix some of them (you may want to backup your config file if your intend to play A23B again - It goes without saying but even though we are really close to a release, this is an experimental version. If you want to help more you can also perform those steps Launch a random game Test your language's translations and fix them on Transifex. Launch a normal skirmish. Connect to the lobby Play on the lobby with someone Launch Atlas See if everything works there. Open Unit tests demo (To see if there any breakage in displaying entity's) Try mods If you need any help ping me Enable feedback and see if it works (Main menu) Connect to and use mod.io Test replaying new games Test Saving and loading a game. @Issh @Lorenz11 @Dakara @Dizaka @yilmazgng @randomid @SaidRdz @kristian @Boudica @carthage @ValihrAnt @Feldfeld @borg_ @Stockfish @ffffffff @Pudim @JC (naval supremacist) @PhyZik @Talenters @nani @badosu @YT99 @aixo @BoredRusher @chrstgtr
  2. Sign Up Thread for the 0 AD TG League Current Tier List mostly by Phyzik, give suggestions in thread in General Discussion ( intrest in team tournament) or if you are certain add directly to list as comment: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b5XhFiMvEzd1SSQwG5_5n-tCeIoWMYEKEUkbAsMGIzA/edit?usp=sharing Look for Teammates here: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/28144-0-ad-leauge-team-findint-thread/ Vote here for teambalance rules change http://www.strawpoll.me/20185437 You may sign up as single player and we make balanced teams of all that signed up that way Also i would be intrested to know who does 0 AD Social media and could make a post to encourage players to participate and add notification to Lobby. ( If you know please contac that person or tell me who i can contact. Everyone encourage people to participate ! regsitered teams: May Gods - fpre, MarcAurel, Lord_Commander, randomid, nani Dakara, esu, Metafondations, Dakeyras eae em: Badosu, Stockfish, Borg , Vicentesk ValihrAnt, Phyzic, Issh, Edwarf, aow Los Gringos: chrstgtr, Rauls, SaidRdz, Ricsand, Camelius Boudica, UnknownPlayer, Havran, go2die, Wendy OPTeam: LeGendz, Rolandsc2, bubblebut, SuperPosition, DoctorOrgans Players that are (probably) in but have no team yet: Boudica, Rauls, Havran ? chrstgtr ? Unknown Player, go2die, solooyo, jeromescherer, Itrelles, LeGendz I suggest for balance: t1: @Boudica @Unknown_Player, @Havran, @go2die ( as @Boudica suggested) And then have second team with @rauls @chrstgtr), @LeGenDz, @itrelles and @soloooy0. more teams in the making If you like you can upload a team logo
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