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  1. u must be a very bad programmer. Thats not how it works. Maybe u looked into the codes but u didnt code them. Its the same wiht wonders 1 wonder base pop +10%, U get another wonder u get the same amount, the bonus doesnt multiply wiht the already increased amount. 300 pop + 1 wonder = 350, + another wonder =400 and so on. Thats how bonus add up.
  2. getting tired here, only poeple here with no clue and absurd theories laying them down as if they are facts. Please I ask someone who knows
  3. what a bunch of nonesense. I dont wanna hear any more speculations or unproved statements. Which dev can I call to answer this question?
  4. thats not an explanation for the effect not taking place twice... I dont see ur logic. THis doesnt exclude the idea both could have effect.
  5. allied soldiers includes everyone, I had that conversation in another thread already, where someone claimed that it affects only others/. So of course alllie dnearby soldiers means ur own too. For Cleopatra they said Exclusive..ALly" they wanna say NOT her. Now about team bonus. In team bonus u say allies is meant as "others". I wasnt always sure about that, but could be, and maybe not always. It depends all on how sloppy the devs were with their descriptions, they are all somewhat unclear. Just like spyrth was when he said 20 then 15, I had no idea what he meant Could mean anything.
  6. ok I Just found out it indeed needs to say in the description bonus for allies, only certain heros have that attribute
  7. another question would be if all heroes affect allies
  8. sry but I will read urs no more @Feldfeld
  9. The things mentioned by these two clowns are nonesense. My initial idea was either it stays at the highest which is 20% or combines to 35%. There is only these two options. And I didnt open this thread for poeple to comment on it who dont know it for sure. I wanted know it from developers or people who looked into the codes.
  10. I dont even understand ur sentence. Someone translates this into logic?
  11. what does it mean then?> @Feldfeld
  12. ur A B C is all the same
  13. When u and ur allie combine their heros in battle are the effects added? Like my hero gives +20% attack and my allies hero gives +15% attack. Would that then make +35% attack for all units?
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