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  1. The goal of this strategy is to damage your opponent economy (especially when he's at the first phaze), and phaze 3 comes as a possibility, but if this strategy is well done, phazing to 3 isn't necessarly a must. In my opinion, this strategy isn't a rush, because i consider a rush as an attack under the 5 first minutes of a game. This strategy is kinda based on the surprise effect, meaning that, right now in MP, if you take seleucides, your opponent will expect those cavalry archers. With this video, i wanted to show how to surprise the opponent, by bringing those cavalry archers earlier that
  2. I assume this happens because you are the host, and also appear in blue, as player 1. This slot change (you, going from slot 3 to slot 1) includes also another change, from slot 3 to slot 1, for the AI. But, after a change like this, the slot 3 because as "unassigned", so, no player, no AI, just nothing. Finally, as the third slot is in the game, there's a CC and units, but because it's unassigned, nothing happens, units keeps idling. (I've already seen this in multiplayer)
  3. Salut! En raison de l'accroissement du nombre de français sur le lobby, je vous propose un petit tutoriel commenté pour présenter les bases économiques du jeu! Hi! Because of the increase of the number of french players on the lobby, i propose you a little commentated tutorial about economical bases!
  4. Link to download this 0ad mod in the video's description Link of this mod thread on the forum : http://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18838&page=5#entry307904
  5. hey buddies! Is this mod playable with SVN[Alpha19] ? i've downloaded it, but cant see any ponies civilisation in the game room. Only usual civs are there.
  6. I didnt told that i dont use formations, on the contrary, i use them everytime, switching from one to another, etc... I didnt played alpha 17 at all, and this formation lack is one of the reason. This proposition mainly birth in my head when i saw many people who regretted the a17 no formation. Also it might be a good compromise between "pro-formation", and "anti-formation", moreover About wooden tower range technology, i understand your argument, but, after age 1, wooden towers arent used anymore because too weak and doesnt worth the investment, compare to stone towers. Of course, nerfing arc
  7. Hello guys! I'm opening this topic to give a better vision of my suggestions, to the 0ad community, and to discuss them the most we can, if some of you'd like to. To people who would redirect me in the suggestions thread, be aware that i've already posted some post there, but, considering the amount of suggestions i have, and the mass of suggestions arriving almost everyday on the official suggestion thread, creating a special one looked more interesting to me. Some ameliorations to improve the game : About settings and tools: 1) Creating a tool which point an area on the mini map I heard
  8. Well, i see, ticket opened 2 years ago Btw, the 2 others propositions are IMO the most interesting, because would clearly improve the gameplay and relations between players, patrol button suggestion is interesting but can wait 2 years more.
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