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  1. [\]from screenshot1 to 6 show you how game reder anotherone fight while only camera is here It will show you in animation... Only explore the map and wait until enemies start fighting... You can saw theme while die or break...
  2. Of course...thznks for replay...
  3. And a part of my question can solve topic... Comannd in game (( ~> )) And ofcurse thank you....
  4. start game..select for eg. 4 player then select your self player3 (agian for eg.) Then start game You will appear as player1 Player 3 dont do any thing.. (Again sorry for bad english...)
  5. I can see that if tow enemy are fight While i have no active object on there I can see that object are die and building start breaking These will render die animation of object Why...? I was saw this problem on explored map.... sorry for bad english
  6. What will calculate or render during pause Proccess are heavy while are gaming.... Even i go to unexplore map process are continue.. Sorry for bad english
  7. Witch comman will help me to game Control bot ,unit, An of curse sync with ally to war...
  8. Tis also happend to our ally... On some map that have thin way(even big way), market specially Ai will a build a unit on a way,and unit moving will stop... Sorry for bad english...
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