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Found 1 result

  1. I am certain, You all saw this coming. PoniesAscendant_alpha_01.zip As far as progress, there will be at least 3 factions in the finished mod; earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns. Earth pony faction is nearing completion, Pegasus faction progress is a little further behind. They are in need of balancing, but I'll get on that. As a bit of a disclaimer, I'd like to say that this mod plays a bit differently than 0 AD, the buildings are more resilient, expensive, and take longer to build.Towers have much more health, and an reduction to the amount of damage they can dish out. This makes them more defensive rather than the offensive buildings we're used to in 0 ADFortresses are your "final phase" so to speak. Difficult to destroy, and a training platform for a faction's elite units and advanced siege.Units have more health, and train at different ranks depending on the building they're trained from.There are four unit types, skirmisher units, soldiers, armor, and anti armor (not including siege, support, and ships)Ranged units cannot hold their own anymore, spread and splash make them useful for softening up formations and small skirmishes, though they counter anti armor. They are also friendly fire capable, so be wary of that.Armor is extremely expensive and slow, but very effective against soldiers and skirmishers.Antiarmor doubles as anti-building but their vulnerability to pierce damage may urge a player to employ siege engines insteadPegasus faction may be a bit overpowered at the moment, even if they do have less units at the moment.0 AD's AI pathfinder restrictions regarding lag and naval maps still applyTemples have a massive slow heal radiusSlingers, archers, and buildings have a much higher rangeSomething I forgotSomething else I probably forgotI forgetThis was just a fun project for me to get to know how to employ different art assets a little better, Hope you like it so far! cheers
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