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  1. How can we solve this problem?
  2. This issue has been fixed and finally the fix is complete. " frameborder="0"></iframe>
  3. This requires further fixes in the script.
  4. @Langbart How can this problem be fixed? I didn't delete it. Do I need to delete it?
  5. Today, I tested the latest SVN 26913 and found an error: When I build a new game, the error appears: ERROR: JavaScript error: gamesettings/attributes/VictoryConditions.js line 73 this.conditions[name] is undefined _add@gamesettings/attributes/VictoryConditions.js:73:7 fromInitAttributes@gamesettings/attributes/VictoryConditions.js:38:10 fromInitAttributes@gamesettings/GameSettings.js:90:17 parseSettings@gui/gamesetup/Controllers/GameSettingsController.js:191:18 onLoad@gui/gamesetup/Controllers/GameSettingsController.js:89:10 SetupWindow@gui/gamesetup/SetupWindow.js:61:11 init@gui/gamesetup/gamesetup.js:47:18 onPress@gui/pregame/MainMenuItems.js:99:13 performButtonAction@gui/pregame/MainMenuItemHandler.js:77:9 pressButton@gui/pregame/MainMenuItemHandler.js:63:10 ERROR: GUI page 'page_gamesetup.xml': Failed to call init() function
  6. I now use my mobile phone to surf the Internet. There are no patch files in my mobile phone. I can only use the computer after the network is restored in two months.
  7. I updated the patch and it made the shoreline more natural. The problem was effectively resolved, and my network had a problem that would take two months to recover, at which point I could upload the demo video.
  8. @vladislavbelovDo you have a better solution? Thank you.
  9. Thank you @vladislavbelov
  10. This is a BUG that has never appeared before, please try to solve it.
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