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  1. Today, I tested the latest SVN 27594 and when I ran the game, the game crashed. Assertion failed: "0 && (L"Can't find a usable technique")" Location: shadermanager.cpp:269 (CShaderManager::LoadTechnique)
  2. @Stan`Is there a patch for this problem?
  3. @vladislavbelovI tested the patch you provided and it solved the problem, thank you.
  4. Ok, I will test it for you. Thank you very much for your help.
  5. @vladislavbelovI have uploaded these files, please help me, thank you! I found an error message in the mainlog.html file: 'art/terrains/terrains. xml' does not exist. Using previous properties. mainlog.html crashlog.txt
  6. Today, I was testing the latest SVN27187, and when I attacked an enemy city center and produced a sergeant in my new barracks, I got a game error crash: Assertion failed: "! m_InsideFramebufferPass" Location: devicecommandcontext.cpp:349 (Renderer::Backend::GL::CDeviceCommandContext::UploadBuffer I am using Windows 10 64bit and 8G.
  7. this is a true story. VERY GOOD
  8. I recommend you use the SVN version.
  9. I'm using the latest version of SVN.
  10. You should have the previous version of the archive and if you delete it, the problem will be solved.
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