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  1. @Stan` New progress has been made on this issue. What is your next step in developing this feature? https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2382
  2. @Itms @Stan` I tested 0 again ad.nsi When I packaged it with makensisw, it was not included: mozjs45-ps-release-vc140.dll
  3. Well, I admit it's troublesome. I'll ask you to help me: you can compile successfully in Ubuntu. 0ad.nsi To the forum this post?
  4. FCollada/FMath/FMMatrix44.cpp:26:13: note: because ‘FMMatrix44’ has user-provided ‘FMMatrix44& FMMatrix44::operator=(const FMMatrix44&)’ 26 | FMMatrix44& FMMatrix44::operator=(const FMMatrix44& copy) | ^~~~~~~~~~ FCollada/FMath/FMMatrix44.cpp: In static member function ‘static FMMatrix44 FMMatrix44::LookAtMatrix(const FMVector3&, const FMVector3&, const FMVector3&)’: FCollada/FMath/FMMatrix44.cpp:412:9: warning: implicitly-declared ‘constexpr FMMatrix44::FMMatrix44(const FMMatrix44&)’ is deprecated [-Wdeprecated-copy] 412 | retu
  5. @Stan` No, I haven't edited the contents of this file. What should I do?
  6. What should I do, please tell me?
  7. @Itms sudo apt get install libmozjs-45-de Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Unable to locate package libmozjs-45-de I don't have libmozjs-45-de If you want to use a packaged mozjs45, which will be made available for example in 0 ad.dev PPA: you should add libmozjs-45-dev How do I add libmozjs-45-dev
  8. I compiled with makensisw, which does not contain the file mozjs45-ps-release-vc140.dll. File: "aken.pdb" [compress] 26839 / 134144 bytes File: "aken.sys" [compress] 4520 / 9592 bytes File: "aken64.pdb" [compress] 27159 / 134144 bytes File: "aken64.sys" [compress] 4721 / 10104 bytes File: "aken64d.pdb" [compress] 30316 / 150528 bytes File: "aken64d.sys" [compress] 5881 / 14200 bytes File: "akend.pdb" [compress] 29427 / 142336 bytes File: "akend.sys" [compress] 5685 / 12664 bytes File: "atlas.lib" [compress] 679009 / 6388738 bytes File: "concrt140.dll" [compress] 105615 /
  9. ben@ubuntu:~/Public/trunk/build/workspaces$ ./update-workspaces.sh Updating bundled third-party dependencies... Building SpiderMonkey... SpiderMonkey build options: --disable-tests --disable-jemalloc --enable-shared-js --without-intl-api --enable-posix-nspr-emulation --disable-tests --disable-jemalloc --enable-shared-js --without-intl-api --enable-posix-nspr-emulation : not found 4: ../patch.sh: ERROR: SpiderMonkey build failed
  10. When I compile OAD under Ubuntu, the message tells me there is no Spider Monkey
  11. @Itms I have installed UBUNTU20.04 version, what should I do next to make the installation package, thank you? Although I am not a member of this team, I am an old member of this forum. I have many friends here and I am learning 0AD. So, please tell me, thank you!
  12. @Itms @m7600 @niektb I am from Finland, I am studying in China, you can speak Chinese with me,However, it is better to communicate and discuss in English here. thank you!
  13. @Itms Please help me!
  14. I don't have a LINUX operating system, so who can help me?
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