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  1. I now use my mobile phone to surf the Internet. There are no patch files in my mobile phone. I can only use the computer after the network is restored in two months.
  2. I updated the patch and it made the shoreline more natural. The problem was effectively resolved, and my network had a problem that would take two months to recover, at which point I could upload the demo video.
  3. @vladislavbelovDo you have a better solution? Thank you.
  4. Thank you @vladislavbelov
  5. This is a BUG that has never appeared before, please try to solve it.
  6. I have tested the latest patch and it gives us good results.
  7. I have made the new patch, the final version of the patch. Hehe, it has solved the problem of the four-man battle of the Isthmus of Corinth where the flashing bright line appears in the black part of the coastal border of the map. I'll post the video here later.
  8. I am testing and improving the new patch and it will take a little time.
  9. This problem occurs with multiple maritime maps, and maps that contain the sea. I will continue to work on the patch.
  10. But it solved the problem, and the map didn't change badly.
  11. But the problem is that it only appears at the edges of the map, not the entire map. I looked up the problem in code and found that the water boundary flicker occurred in the depth rendering.
  12. I don't know how to deepen the black boundary, who can tell me what to do? I found that one map still had this problem, and the other maps did not.
  13. @Stan` @vladislavbelov This problem should occur because of the water depth, which is beyond the black boundary, so it creates a flashing bright line because the water depth is above the black boundary. The solution to this problem is to raise the black boundary so that the depth of the water is lower than the black boundary.
  14. @vladislavbelov @Stan`I have uploaded this file, you can test it. With the help of this patch, you can get a better solution to the problem. thank you!
  15. I will be uploading a fix for this Bug later today.
  16. @Stan` @wowgetoffyourcellphone Today, I tested the SVN26824 and when I loaded the map, the error appeared. ERROR: JavaScript error: gui/maps/MapCache.js line 25 JSON.parse: expected ',' or ']' after array element at line 6 column 5 of the JSON data getMapData@gui/maps/MapCache.js:25:73 getFilteredMaps@gui/maps/MapFilters.js:52:32 getAvailableMapFilters/<@gui/maps/MapFilters.js:15:9 getAvailableMapFilters@gui/maps/MapFilters.js:14:23 checkMapTypeChange@gui/gamesetup/Pages/GameSetupPage/GameSettings/Single/Dropdowns/MapFilter.js:35:20 onSettingsLoaded@gui/gamesetup/Pages/GameSetupPage/GameSettings/Single/Dropdowns/MapFilter.js:19:9 onLoad@gui/gamesetup/Controllers/GameSettingsController.js:98:4 SetupWindow@gui/gamesetup/SetupWindow.js:61:11 init@gui/gamesetup/gamesetup.js:47:18 onPress@gui/pregame/MainMenuItems.js:99:13 performButtonAction@gui/pregame/MainMenuItemHandler.js:77:9 pressButton@gui/pregame/MainMenuItemHandler.js:63:10
  17. @vladislavbelov If you can provide the patch test first, I will help you test it. Please help us, the problem of GL may be a problem that requires a lot of time for you. But this problem may be a small one. Could you please help us provide a patch to solve this problem? Please help us. Thanks again.
  18. @vladislavbelov Do you have a solution by the end of the week? My friend.
  19. @vladislavbelov Do you have a good solution?
  20. This problem happens in all factions, this problem happens when fishing boats die, all sea creatures die, including whales, sharks.
  21. @Langbart @Stan` @vladislavbelov turned off all the water effects, but the problem was still the same. This also happens when a fishing boat dies, with the surface forming a square, but not when a warship dies.
  22. @vladislavbelov The problem should be that the state map is missing after the object dies, maybe the developer can supplement these state maps. Cancel the real water depth option, this problem still exists.
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