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  1. @vladislavbelov @Stan` Please help me. commands.txt
  2. When I rotate the camera lens, the shadow on the roof of the Municipal Center will flicker, and the color of the shadow will change from dark to light.
  3. @Stan` Please release a patch for me to test, thank you!
  4. I have an Intel CPU and an NVIDIA 850M graphics card.
  5. @Stan` Here. system_info.txt userreport_hwdetect.txt
  6. OK. According to your method, this file still does not show any content, please help me. interestinglog.html
  7. @Stan` I uploaded the file. About documents interestinglog.html It doesn't show any information. commands.txt
  8. The faction I use is: Seleucids, this is the inner edge of the roof of the Seleucids City Hall. On other maps, the outer edge of the roof is also jagged.
  9. @vladislavbelov @Stan` Today I tested the latest SVN24740, in the game, I set the graphics to the highest level, but found that the graphics were still jagged. Anti-aliasing has no effect.
  10. @Stan` I'm not using any MOD
  11. Today, I tested the latest svn24504, and an error message appeared in the game: ERROR: CVFSFile: file art/meshes/props/gaul_market_props_1.dae couldn't be opened (vfs_load: -110300) ERROR: Could not load mesh 'art/meshes/props/gaul_market_props_1.dae' ERROR: CObjectEntry::BuildVariation(): Model art/meshes/props/gaul_market_props_1.dae failed to load ERROR: Failed to build prop model "props/structures/gauls/market_props_1.xml" on actor "market"
  12. @imperium Do you use Windows 10 64 bit operating system? I suggest you personally upgrade the code in SVN!
  13. @Stan` We should change the capital T to the lowercase t
  14. We look forward to the resolution of this problem.
  15. @vladislavbelov The latest svn24427 is used Please help me! userreport_hwdetect.txt commands.txt
  16. @vladislavbelov @Stan` @Angen @bb_ @wraitii
  17. I found a bug. When I chose the tutorial to learn how to play, I found that the lake displayed on the map disappeared. There was this lake on this map before. When the water surface effects option is selected, the lake surface disappears.
  18. About: Learn To Play The letter T of the middle word To can only be lowercase t, otherwise the translated Chinese will not be displayed.
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