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  1. this is a true story. VERY GOOD
  2. I recommend you use the SVN version.
  3. I'm using the latest version of SVN.
  4. You should have the previous version of the archive and if you delete it, the problem will be solved.
  5. How can we solve this problem?
  6. This issue has been fixed and finally the fix is complete. " frameborder="0"></iframe>
  7. This requires further fixes in the script.
  8. @Langbart How can this problem be fixed? I didn't delete it. Do I need to delete it?
  9. Today, I tested the latest SVN 26913 and found an error: When I build a new game, the error appears: ERROR: JavaScript error: gamesettings/attributes/VictoryConditions.js line 73 this.conditions[name] is undefined _add@gamesettings/attributes/VictoryConditions.js:73:7 fromInitAttributes@gamesettings/attributes/VictoryConditions.js:38:10 fromInitAttributes@gamesettings/GameSettings.js:90:17 parseSettings@gui/gamesetup/Controllers/GameSettingsController.js:191:18 onLoad@gui/gamesetup/Controllers/GameSettingsController.js:89:10 SetupWindow@gui/gamesetup/SetupWindow.js:61:11 init@gui/gamesetup/gamesetup.js:47:18 onPress@gui/pregame/MainMenuItems.js:99:13 performButtonAction@gui/pregame/MainMenuItemHandler.js:77:9 pressButton@gui/pregame/MainMenuItemHandler.js:63:10 ERROR: GUI page 'page_gamesetup.xml': Failed to call init() function
  10. I now use my mobile phone to surf the Internet. There are no patch files in my mobile phone. I can only use the computer after the network is restored in two months.
  11. I updated the patch and it made the shoreline more natural. The problem was effectively resolved, and my network had a problem that would take two months to recover, at which point I could upload the demo video.
  12. @vladislavbelovDo you have a better solution? Thank you.
  13. Thank you @vladislavbelov
  14. This is a BUG that has never appeared before, please try to solve it.
  15. I have tested the latest patch and it gives us good results.
  16. I have made the new patch, the final version of the patch. Hehe, it has solved the problem of the four-man battle of the Isthmus of Corinth where the flashing bright line appears in the black part of the coastal border of the map. I'll post the video here later.
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