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  1. Hey again ! Thank you for the feedback, I've made the changes. I did swap temple and workshop, but it's good that the buildings speak for themselves nonetheless. I'll tale a break of some days on this to cleance my palate and go back for the second wave. So changelog: New blockouts: Cavalry Stable Archery Range Wall Gate, Wall Section and Wall with Towers. Greathall (new version) Mesh modification: Tower defense as wooden straight base. Scale of houses seems to be an effect of the screenshot, explan
  2. Hey ! The works is going steady. I would like to confirm some scales for buildings. I referred Art and Scale The Civ center(CC) is 32m32 (on a blender scale of (1m = 1 unit) and it seems to be the correct scale on the engine with other buildings. However, for the CC I feel 32 is a bit too large. And for the temple. it's 28m28 and it's a bit too small to put the stone circle in the front. For now it's on the side. The defense tower, it feels a bit small. I wonder if 8m8 is a bit small with an house 12m12.
  3. It's interesting. Do you have a particular reason for no 2 floors ?
  4. Hey, As a work in progress update, there you have screenshots of the blockout phase. Many thanks to all your references and for the work @Obskiuras. Nothing better than good concept art to be efficient in modeling. It's going to be faster and faster as I'm doing a modular approach, so each building becomes easier. Once all will be done, I'll do the texture atlas to have a good feeling of the whole. Even if it's a wip you are welcome and encouraged to add your grain of salt. Like, I thing pointy palisade are better as per @Lion.Kanzen (I think?) recommendation for t
  5. That's from norse one I presume ? What about the screenshoot you did, are those building the norse ones ? I'm still going through the thread, was there someone that already contributed some 3d assets ?
  6. I'll start modeling the buildings this weekend, get a general feel. I was talking about those textures, https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/art_source/trunk/art/textures/skins/structural/celts/celttexture.jpg An atlas that civ use to make the assets consistent.
  7. @wowgetoffyourcellphone Is there already a texture set for the suedi civ, or does it need to be done ?
  8. So it would only be a gameplay difference and nothing on the art side ? How will the player see which is which ?
  9. I really liked your first idea, I'll give it a try.
  10. Yep on it. However hard to know what is the list. Its it unit list channel ? but units abilities seems to also have some kind of list ?
  11. Okay, let's be the poker. @Rolf Dew any tracklist to help you on the art side ?
  12. No, nothing seems to have change. Only the triplanar material as the specular info displayed. Also, I get now what the triplanar does. That would be nice for cliffs and other slope textures. It would be interesting to know if that computes more than the basic, to know which terrains should be tri planar and which shouldn't mind. And with all of that, the parallax occlusion is not present for terrain materials, is it possible to try it? Some dev outthere ?
  13. So is there somewhere a ticket list for what you would want to model and add to your mod ?
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