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  1. So... Does the current model of the Apadana is enought for the wonder? It's was a bit on the small size.
  2. Chop chop ! Knifes done. Variants and texture and actor. Dae and actor: knife_tool.rar blend: knife_tool_blend.rar Atlas screenshot of a collection of the knifes, cause I don't know how to instantiate a specific variant. Some strange reflection in the model, maybe because the texture as a high specular. Also it might have some problems with where the unit handle the weapon. I don't know how to test that. But I tried to keep origin point of the models as close as the knife, original, one.
  3. Ok, great. Perfect ref pics, thanks. I I'll take care of that.
  4. @Stan` The knife model is 78 triangles. @Nescio Variants but for the same utility, knife for vilagers, or variants to use other types of weapons ? I then to lose a lot of time doing research and it's indeed hard to be historically accurate. So if you have other exemples, I'll be glad.
  5. Nothing fancy. A knife machete to cut and splash. 79 triangles. butcher_knife.xmlbutcher_knife.dae Textured with the tiny texture called props_tools. Don't know if it's an artefact or not. Comparaison in game with the present knife
  6. The form from those vases makes me thing of those butcher knifes use to break bones and cut tendons. I'll take a moment to look into it this week, so that will complete my round of types of models by doing a 'weapon' prop.
  7. s I've done some test and boy do I have question. Right now I understand how to replicate the 'fancy' grass elevation effect, and done some test with other textures. Feels fine, but I really don't know how to make the terrain triplanar material work. With the right textures nothing seems to happen. Does anyone have an idea? I've also refine the pipeline between substance designer and the engine. I'll make some terrain test along the week. The great advantage is that they are going to be tileable and coherent and easily color swapable. Substance is a proprietary software but the
  8. Where I'm not getting it it's how to express multiple uvmap in the engine, because ao uv use and diffuse use are not on the same uvmap Ahhh, yeah of course. So for the other types, no use?
  9. If we bake ao into the diffuse, why do buildings have an Ao map ? This is a example of a packed texture. It's for a pbr material but the idea is that the specular texture (in this case all is black and white) is in the red channel, roughness in the green, displacement (or height) in the blue and ao in the alpha. Then the shader gets from those channels the information, instead of getting it off 4 different textures. It helps reducing the size. In our case, i guess specular is tricky because it can be colored but if not, ao, specular and maybe height could be packed in one texture inste
  10. Oh ok. Would parallax be interesting for terrain or would that be to taxing ?
  11. So my first question are: Should I lightpack my uv and be done with it ? I've seen the ao texture doing that, but not the rest. I know for buildings it's normal as we use atlases and they need carefull use of uv. But what about unique textures. I'm not knowledgeable of game art logic (yet) so I was wondering why. Should all my models use all textures available? Should I make normal, spec, albedo and ao maps for everything? Can the engine make use of combined textures in RGBA channels? I presume you are familiar with it, but since I didn't see anywhere that type of texture packin
  12. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Modelling ------------------------------------------------------------------- UV-layout ------------------------------------------------------------------- Texturing ------------------------------------------------------------------- Rigging ------------------------------------------------------------------- Animation ------------------------------------------------------------------- Export to the Engine; Actors & Templates ----------------------
  13. As I was looking through the terrains I saw those labelled 'fancy'. Do they use something like parallax occlusion mapping ? I'm not really familiar with the method,but I find the result really neat. What does the engine need to make those, because the textures that I see (a specular white pixel spots, and an albedo) don't make sense to me.
  14. Hey folks, Per the #1997 ticket , starting a thread for the gharial. ---------------------------------------------- Model The crocodile as in source blend as a comparaison. Triangle count of 507. Waiting approval. ---------------------------------------------- Texturing: Not being able for now to procedural texture the animals given the need for high detail on low poly, I decal photo texture into the lp model. So I prefer to wait for model approval to have as little as possible deformation in the texture. Question: I found some nice images on a websi
  15. It's the sad reality that everything an art department does does not necessarily cut to the final release. I'm ok with that. On the other side, that revision was a great way to learn the use of the props and building limitations in general in the pyro engine. So for the next ones I'm confident in making better results. I also check the tickets still pending and this one is old. More than happy to focus on more pressing matters. as long as it's not modeling humans, really don't like that.
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