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  1. Hey folks, so I was a bit erratic in my presence here because I'm juggling jobs and gigs. For the time being I'm not able to continue the suebians building set. However I hope that the blend file was clear enough for anyone to pick it up. If you have question, I can always answer. I doubt that it's the first time that something like that happens, but hope to be able to come back.
  2. Hey again ! Thank you for the feedback, I've made the changes. I did swap temple and workshop, but it's good that the buildings speak for themselves nonetheless. I'll tale a break of some days on this to cleance my palate and go back for the second wave. So changelog: New blockouts: Cavalry Stable Archery Range Wall Gate, Wall Section and Wall with Towers. Greathall (new version) Mesh modification: Tower defense as wooden straight base. Scale of houses seems to be an effect of the screenshot, explanation under. Temple was made wider, but I kept the stone circles. It's quite appealing and iconic (if not as accurate) of germanic faith. Also runic stones will be fun to texture. Textures: Added a basic color palette. It's going to help get a feel of the cohesion and help me along the line to map the uv. It may seem to cartoonish/lowpoly stylised but it's a work in progress. The more models/parts I add the more refined this texture will be and then when I'm sure of the final result I will make a uptostandard version via substance. Points of discussion: The workshop has a ram in the concept art. I would very much like to add it, but: I was lazy to get historically accurate references for the type of siege engine of this civ, and I did not find the original mesh of the engine of the celts or gauls. If someone would be so kind to point them to me (references or the mesh). The archery range is a bit empty, and it's the biggest case from the concept art problem. Once modeled to scale they are not as cramped. There is two solutions: add eyecandy in the mesh or bolsterise everything. Note post_render: so I went back to compare and I found that my models are on the realistic scale side. I'll remake them to fit the greater scale of the others civs meshes. The Current work updated: Civic center Houses: To scale with others in engine: Barrack: Great Hall (new '1 floor' version) Tower Defense, version with stone pyramid base and straight wood. The stone version comes from the concept arts of @Obskiuras. Don't know if they were instead meant for late goth civ. Temple ( As I said I kept the stone circle because I like it, but it would be easy to remove if that's the final strong opinion) The walls and gates Workshop (lacking a ram, I still made some wheels. I'm thinking of adding more miscellanious parts to enhance the 'artelier' fell). The stone path for now a mesh, but it will be baked as a decal on the later stages. Stables (horse is for embellishment sake, from a personal model.) ... ok, ignore the wall near the trough, seems to be a mirror mistake. Archery Range The files: suebian_house_wip.rarsueban_buildings_blockout.blend sueban_buildings_blockout.blend
  3. Hey ! The works is going steady. I would like to confirm some scales for buildings. I referred Art and Scale The Civ center(CC) is 32m32 (on a blender scale of (1m = 1 unit) and it seems to be the correct scale on the engine with other buildings. However, for the CC I feel 32 is a bit too large. And for the temple. it's 28m28 and it's a bit too small to put the stone circle in the front. For now it's on the side. The defense tower, it feels a bit small. I wonder if 8m8 is a bit small with an house 12m12. Side to Side Barrack CivCenter House 01 House 02 House 03 Temple Tower Defense Workshop
  4. It's interesting. Do you have a particular reason for no 2 floors ?
  5. Hey, As a work in progress update, there you have screenshots of the blockout phase. Many thanks to all your references and for the work @Obskiuras. Nothing better than good concept art to be efficient in modeling. It's going to be faster and faster as I'm doing a modular approach, so each building becomes easier. Once all will be done, I'll do the texture atlas to have a good feeling of the whole. Even if it's a wip you are welcome and encouraged to add your grain of salt. Like, I thing pointy palisade are better as per @Lion.Kanzen (I think?) recommendation for the great hall. And after 'finishing' the Civ Center, I'll try to make a version larger in Y (green axis) and shorter. It may be better. Of course, here the blend. in case the volcano goes off. sueban_buildings_blockout.blend
  6. That's from norse one I presume ? What about the screenshoot you did, are those building the norse ones ? I'm still going through the thread, was there someone that already contributed some 3d assets ?
  7. I'll start modeling the buildings this weekend, get a general feel. I was talking about those textures, https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/art_source/trunk/art/textures/skins/structural/celts/celttexture.jpg An atlas that civ use to make the assets consistent.
  8. @wowgetoffyourcellphone Is there already a texture set for the suedi civ, or does it need to be done ?
  9. So it would only be a gameplay difference and nothing on the art side ? How will the player see which is which ?
  10. I really liked your first idea, I'll give it a try.
  11. Yep on it. However hard to know what is the list. Its it unit list channel ? but units abilities seems to also have some kind of list ?
  12. Okay, let's be the poker. @Rolf Dew any tracklist to help you on the art side ?
  13. No, nothing seems to have change. Only the triplanar material as the specular info displayed. Also, I get now what the triplanar does. That would be nice for cliffs and other slope textures. It would be interesting to know if that computes more than the basic, to know which terrains should be tri planar and which shouldn't mind. And with all of that, the parallax occlusion is not present for terrain materials, is it possible to try it? Some dev outthere ?
  14. So is there somewhere a ticket list for what you would want to model and add to your mod ?
  15. Yes please. I would really like to see what was done.
  16. They are png, and I did use the terrain norm spec. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <terrain> <textures> <texture name="baseTex" file="types/lux_scale_test_diff.png"/> <texture name="normTex" file="types/lux_scale_test_norm.png"/> <texture name="specTex" file="types/lux_scale_test_spec.png"/> </textures> <material>terrain_norm_spec.xml</material> </terrain> That it's why I find all of this odd.
  17. For the mythological part, I know that 0AD is on the strict historic (slightly exaggerated) side. So I don't see those creatures come into play. But that would be a nice mod. I have some models of those, and I kinda like there vibe. Animation would be the big part of the work.
  18. I think you should add a goat path in the mountains that connects the two players. So that angle of attack and tactical variety will be more diverse. Also think about adding a shore accessible to both sides. Maybe they can build boats. but not connection by foot. On level design, think about diversity and how the player can add it's own twist to what you present.
  19. I like the idea. If you are ok about someone redoing the map to an higher level of detail, it could be an interesting scenario.
  20. Hey there, I've been doing another batch of tests. I'm plan on giving a thought examination into the new terrains and get more cohesion and precision. For the progress this is a screenshot of a WIP cobblestone texture to have an idea of tiling limits and scale use in susbtance painter. I'll obliously will keep working on it and release eveything under CCO, origin files included. Power to freedom data, yadahi yadaha. ^^ But now for the real trouble. This is a screen shot of a test texture to push the engine. Clockwise, starting from the top left: lux_TT.xml normal terrain with just the basecolor. I name it diffuse but the ao info is baked into so, not really a diffuse. lux_TT_norm.xml terrain with normal map, on which the alpha channel is also the height map. lux_TT_NS.xml terrain with normal and specular. As per pbr workflow I wanted to test the colored reflectivity, so the inner circle reflects gold light. lux_TTt_tri_NS.xml same as 3 but triplanar lux_TT_tri_norm.xml same as 2 but triplanar lux_TT_tri.xml same as 1 on the inputs, but triplanar base material. All the 6 material use the same 3 textures maps, 512*512. Still dont really get the DTX compression, but base color and normal are DTX5 and specular DTX1. And now the problem, visible in the screenshot. Only the triplanar material gets the specular working. the triplanar projection works? I mean I see the orientation changing. It's that all ? Maybe, probably, that I didn't get anything at all on how it works. And I also tried a basic_trans_parallax_spec.xml material def for a terrain, it crashes the Atlas. I get it, it's not a terrain material. So no parallax for terrains, I mean it would really be neat for road, cliffs and rocks?
  21. Okay, I'll rethink the silhouettes. How do I instantiate a specific variant in the atlas ?
  22. Hi. Everything is in the discussion. However here is the resume: 78-79 triangles by models, for each 5 models variants. Same as the actual knife used. Material is the base_spec.xml with prop_tools.dds as the texture. #1, 2# 4# #6 and #11 are the uniques models. Variation was a request and I agree on the loss of detail at camera distance & angle. I would say it's a matter of taste to add all of them. At this scale, and given the poly constraint, it would different but not better to exaggerate more the different shapes. Per request, the zip archive. butcherknife.blendknife_tool.7z
  23. I'll test them later then. No problem for the zip format. I'll reupload the files later too.
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