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  1. Hi! At the moment, the Greeks and Norse are in development, more factions will follow. Unfortunately work is slow atm, due to real life situations and lack of free time, for most of the devs.
  2. Hi, thank you so much for the help!
  3. @Lopess It's been put on hold for the time being, unfortunately most of the team have other commitments at the moment.
  4. @ see I believe it mostly affects the cpu, while the graphic settings affect the gpu more significantly.
  5. @see Maximum allows you to turn off the frame limiter (It is the most intensive), minium is the least intensive.
  6. You can create any type of mod you want to, there are actually a few fantasy mods already (Hyrule Conquest, Ponies Ascendant and some others).
  7. @Ch_32 Find your user.cfg file and add this line to it, "gui.scale = 0.8" Windows: C:\Users\JohnDoe\AppData\Roaming\0ad\ Mac: For non-cache data created during the game: ~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/ For cached data: ~/Library/Caches/0ad/ Note: "~" is a shorthand for the current user directory. Linux: For most data created during the game (replays, screenshots, savegames): ~/.local/share/0ad/ Up to A19, replays would be found in ~/.config/0ad/logs/sim_log For user config and logs: ~/.config/0ad/ For cached data: ~/.cache/0ad/ Note: "~" is a shorthand for the current user directory.
  8. Didn't take to long for me, but it's definitely worth it
  9. https://www.moddb.com/mods/hyrule-conquest/downloads/low-poly-patch-for-08 Low Poly Patch for the 0.8 and 0.9 version of Hyrule Conquest. This makes the unit models of Labrynna and the Fairies of Tarm lower poly for better performance. For those with less powerful machines this patch will reduce the poly counts of models by half to aid in better performance until the Pyrogenesis engine supports LODs. This is treated as a separate mod, do not install it over Hyrule Conquest. Simply activate it as an additional mod in the Tools & Options > Mod Selection menu.
  10. https://www.moddb.com/mods/hyrule-conquest/downloads/hyrule-conquest-09 New version of Hyrule Conquest that adds many more Heroes and other new features. Installation: - Place Hyrule.zip into C:\Users\Username\Documents\my games\0ad\mods - Start up 0AD and go to Settings > Mod Selection - Select Hyrule Conquest, Enable, Save Configuration, then Start Mods - If using Windows 10, 0AD may generate several warnings upon starting up, just click Continue through each of them to get to the main menu. New Features: - Two new heroes for each faction, each bringing with them new bonuses and techs. - A completely reworked Hero system: You can now pick three out of six heroes at the start of each match. - Brand new UI for each faction. - Civil Center Nodes: In order to build new Civil Centers you must capture nodes on the map and transform them. Darknuts can also capture Ruins and convert them into Civil Centers. - Deku Scrubs now use a new "grid system" to construct their bases by expanding districts off of their civil center. - Population is now based on number of Battalions rather than individual units. - Your Resource Gather Rate is now shown at the top of the screen next to your collected resources. Fixes: - Gohma Eggs now work properly with the new Battalion System and automatically hatch without player input. - Damage of Labrynna's Gunpowder units has been reduced. - AI fixes. - Numerous other small bug fixes. (I'm just sharing the instructions from moddb btw)
  11. @AdelaHelen If you're using Windows, you can download it here https://play0ad.com/download/win/ Here is the mac version if you're using a mac https://play0ad.com/download/mac/ And finally the linux version for Linux users https://play0ad.com/download/linux/
  12. @Crea The mauryan faction's champion unit is a female unit (The maiden guard unit), can't think of any others at the moment.
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