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  1. Hello! I'm new here, although I knew of the existence of this game some time ago. I would like to ask some questions - I see there are many civilizations that are very similar, like many roman ones, I wonder about this decision. I suppose to make the game feel more historically accurate, but wouldn't it be better to add more variety of civilizations from other parts of the world? I have seen mods including chinese and mesoamerican, but what about other cultures like... japanese? any from Oceania? any from North America? - I have been reading about modding and I'm curious about it because I'm developing some fantasy cultures inspired in real cultures and I wonder if I could create a mod for it, but would it be breaking the game? I know mods are optional, and I think I saw someone mention in comments about creating a futuristic civilization, so I am a bit confused, is this game supposed to be historically accurate or it can also accept fantasy civilizations as mods? - How is the development of the game going? Thank you!
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