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  1. The Sheikah Cadre The Cadre is the ruling body of Hyrule's seven Sheikah Clans. Composed of the elders of each clan, the Cadre forms a council that is moderated by the high Maz Koshia, or eldest Monk. While each clan has their own laws and acts with a degree of autonomy, the rule and order of the council can and will dictate what the Sheikah as a whole do. HISTORY The Sheikah as a people are ancient, dating back to the times of Akkala. While records of their deeds are few, many legends surrounding the Sheikah placed them as mediators between Hyrule and the Oocca. The Divine Oocca wou
  2. A random question, but where are the Rally point flag textures and what files control which ones appear for each civilization? This is something I keep forgetting to do and I can't seem to find where they are in 0ad's files.
  3. This is probably what is actually causing the problem, only one Sundial is a allowed to exist so there's a bug if it's letting you make more than one. Multiple sundials in different seasons are probably causing an infinite loop of unit promotions.
  4. The Fairies changing the seasons is a pretty large scale magical effect, not exactly natural. That being said, I'd not be opposed to the change being like a shockwave that slowly spreads across the map from the Sundial after it changes the seasons. I have to work with what's in the engine currently and I'm not skilled enough to make my own components.
  5. Yup, that Kokiri tech works in a very similar way to the Fairy Seasons, they both cause units with a certain classlabel to promote into a different unit. In the case of the Kokiri though it's only certain units, with the Fairies every single unit and building promotes at the same time. I can imagine that is probably taxing on the engine when there are hundreds of fairy units and dozens of buildings all trying to promote at the same time. Hopefully a less expensive method of transforming units into new units is incorporated some day.
  6. With the Fairies their units have completely different functions in each season, so a visual actor change is not enough. The Great Fairy is a healer with no attack in Spring for instance, and has a fire attack in Summer and cant heal.
  7. 8GB of RAM should be fine, especially since you are playing with the Low Poly patch. It probably is a graphic related problem if disabling particles solves a lot of the issues though. I suspect the Season switching is unrelated to the visuals and might be memory related since so many units are being promoted into different units at the same time. Once there is an easier way for me to use the Season system in 0AD without having to force so many units to promote at the same time that might help. Unfortunately at the moment the promotion system is the only way to have transforming units in 0AD.
  8. Giving it UnitAI seems to just cause an error <p class="error">ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/components/UnitAI.js line 4292 TypeError: cmpUnitMotion is null UnitAI.prototype.MoveToTargetRange@simulation/components/UnitAI.js:4292:2 UnitAI.prototype.UnitFsmSpec["Order.Gather"]@simulation/components/UnitAI.js:595:7 FSM.prototype.ProcessMessage@simulation/helpers/FSM.js:274:12 UnitAI.prototype.PushOrder@simulation/components/UnitAI.js:3637:13 UnitAI.prototype.ReplaceOrder@simulation/components/UnitAI.js:3750:3 UnitAI.prototype.AddOrder@simulation/components/UnitAI.j
  9. I got it to work. As we talked about though, sadly it does not do what I thought it does. I should probably point out that it does not cooperate with Auras and gives a large error message if a unit with an Aura promotes: <p class="error">ERROR: Script message handler OnValueModification failed</p> <p class="error">ERROR: Script message handler OnValueModification failed</p> <p class="error">ERROR: Script message handler OnGlobalValueModification failed</p> <p class="error">ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/components/ProductionQueue.js li
  10. I've got a quick question, is there any timeframe or idea when this feature might get included? https://code.wildfiregames.com/D270 It would be really handy since I have a metric ton of techs that are supposed to upgrade units into different types of units and being stuck using the promotion system is pretty limited.
  11. Oh yeah I forgot we talked to Exo about some gameplay stuff. I guess people will have to put up with my psychobabble to get to it.
  12. I'm not really sure how relevant my esoteric babbling with Deox is relevant to Hyrule Conquest updates.
  13. Kind of an emergency question, but does "modifications": [{"value": "Promotion/RequiredXp", "replace": 0}], only work with techs and not auras? My entire Season changing system for the next faction depends on this but it doesn't seem to set the required XP to zero as an aura like technologies do. EDIT: It seems like it works with any value other than 0, for some reason Technologies seem to be able to replace the value with zero no problem but not Auras. Crap my Fairies are ruined at this rate EDIT EDIT: A negative number seems to work though! Still, I recommend enabling setting the v
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