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  1. I think you're right... I've tried Fairies on full revealed Faron Woods with over 50 buildings and over 100 units but didn't built any additional Sundials, and changed seasons through several loops, game will only freeze for about a second and won't totally freeze like the matches having multi Sundials So if you set a limit for Fairies of Tarm to can only have one Sundial, but add a building like Gerudo's Oasis that can generate large territory and without the ability of changing season, will solve this fatal freezing problem? And I found another bug: the All Four Colors tech a
  2. I've tried Fairies of Tarm several times on Crucible of Hylia these days, and it seems like having too much buildings is the main reason causing freeze? When I changed season into winter, game freeze even with only 30 units (20 of them are garrisoned in the original Sundial), I have about 25 buildings spreading around the whole scouted map, including three Sundials that won't change season with other buildings The only match that didn't freeze when changing season was the testing one on Gerudo Oasis, only have one of every building and about 40 units...
  3. Promote so many units at once... so that's why the game freeze several seconds if Kokiri (when didn't picked Saria) researched Guardian Fairy tech at Fairy Seclude with a bunch of units And the cute Saria picture is generated with a Japanese site creating characters, called "CHARAT CHOCO" https://charat.me/en/chibi/create/
  4. With particles disabled, playing as Fairies on Tarm Ruins didn't freeze even I revealed the whole map (although FPS dropped), but when I have about 50 units and changing the season from winter back to spring... game frozen again
  5. I found that if I play as Fairies of Tarm on Tarm Ruins, it will freeze the game eventually after revealing too much map detail... but play as Labrynna won't freeze even after revealed the whole map, and Fairies of Tarm won't freeze the game on Gerudo Oasis Maybe bacause my PC only has 8GB of RAM? (I always play with low poly patch)
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