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  1. OK, that Ghirahim portrait is genuinely terrifying. Awesome stuff as usual!
  2. Thank you for responding, awesome stuff! To expand a bit on point 4, the Gerudo, Hyrule and Ordona are able to build external food dropsites from the village stage, which gives them an extra leg up when harvesting from berry patches further out from their core bases. Having played a few singleplayer games I do find that Lanayru is able to harvest from Fisheries fast enough to be playable, although compared to Hyrule and Orodona who can build farms without needing a CC I do wonder if they could get swamped if a game manages to run on for a bit. Still, seems it's all working out, which is g
  3. Awesome stuff! Aside from the addition of the Moblins and Darknuts, are any other major changes planned for next update?
  4. Just to bring something up (and if these are already being tackled for next update I apologise in advance), but I've noticed a couple of issues, some more to do with mechanics and some which are more bug-related: 1. Hyrule, Ordona and Gerudo houses are 100 Materials but 5 population, which seems a bit low considering that Gorons can build 10 population houses for 50 Materials and 50 Ore, which I do get is slightly higher than 100 Materials due to slower Ore harvesting rates, but even so that's a bit of a big divide, especially considering that you don't need workers to build Goron houses
  5. So what are we looking at in terms of new content for 0.5?
  6. I've seen enough projects consistently meet predicted deadlines to know that it's no big deal that it wasn't out for Christmas. Better late and finished than early and broken. On that note, though, when might we expect to see the next version?
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