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  1. Hello. Did you guys finish or did the last rounds not occur?
  2. @The Undying Nephalim Undying Nephalim, I was hoping to build my family an 8 player map in Hyrule Conquest, but Atlas crashes each time I try to open it. Since you have been able to get it to work to make the maps in the mod, do you know what particular setting or file I should adjust to get it to open without crashing? Steps I've used thus far: Opened up Mod selection window, enabled Hyrule Conquest Mod, Selected Save Configuration, Closed Mod Selection Window, Activated Scenario Editor, 0AD closed and the editor opened for a moment before crashing.
  3. I've been having some troubles getting the server browser to populate with modded games. When I load it up in Hyrule conquest I see the normal 0ad Lobby. Is there a particular setting or game file I should adjust? Have you had any luck opening the scenario editor in 0.3 Hyrule Conquest? I've been wanting to build new maps but the Atlas crashes when loading it from Hyrule Conquest (followed the usual steps, set HC to enable, hit save configuration, then tried to launch the editor).
  4. Question for anyone who knows: Can the Low poly variant of the mod work in the tournament if one challenges a player who is using the default hyrule conquest mod? My machine isn't powerful enough to run the default mod without lag dropping the frames poorly about 2/3 into the game.
  5. Got a group of four together and tried the LOD version of the mod out on LAN over the weekend. Pleased to report that it ran smoothly with no more lag than what is commonly found in a typical OAD round near the endgame.
  6. Thanks, will give it a try when I get home from work.
  7. Question for you @The Undying Nephalim, do you know when you will have the LOD version of the game available to download? Its playable fine enough as it is for single player, but with multiple humans it would be nice to have the least amount of lag possible ( in particular the Kokiri unit guardian faries and the particle animations from Ghoma defenses tend to cause my machine to stutter).
  8. @The Undying Nephalim Just finished playing a couple rounds on the 0.3 release. Here are a couple bugs to go along with the others posted in the thread: When any Kokiri building is destroyed, there is the 0AD roman civ center appears during the destruction animation. In the Goron techtree, a pink box appears instead of the Powder Keg Launcher unit Icon under the Explosive Foundary.
  9. In game, the Kokiri tech tree tries to reference the Hylian techtree. For me that crashes the game each time I click on the Kokiri icon in the top center of the screen. I agree that having Kokiri upgrades given a brief description would help. On a better note, the enemy AI was functioning much better and would launch attacks composed of multiple units rather than just spamming the basic spearsman/archer for each faction.
  10. Nephalim, question for you. In a 1v1 which would win, Fi or Iemanis? For a Hyrule player going up against a Gohma, would it be better to go titan vs titan or just use a barrage of catapults to weaken Iemanis?
  11. If you are waiting on features that the community might or might not build, would it be easier to instead first port all the factions over into the current 0AD setup? This would get the game functional, then you can add the specific features and specialized resource gathering methods as they become available in the engine. Also, have a question for you regarding buildings. Gerudo and Goron structures are quite huge and do not fit well into the build area of their civ centers. Would you consider either increasing the percentage of the territory aura from the town center, or shrinking the
  12. Hey Nephalim, I was browsing the forum today and stumbled on this thread: When the developer has the program completed (he says it would be soon), it may significantly speed up the balancing process by allowing you to adjust unit data without needing to edit every last text file.
  13. Earlier in the thread he mentioned he was interested in porting it over, but needed to wait on the 0AD engine to add support for stuff such as in-game cutscenes.
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