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  1. They definitely could have improved on their storytelling. As for the acting, personally I thought it was mediocre (on pretty much all voiced characters, the only two that stood above the rest were the King and Urbosa); I've definitely experienced worse before. I tried to remind myself that sometimes even good actors can be ruined by bad writing, so gave her (Zelda's actress) the benefit of the doubt. It seems to me both story dialogue and dungeons may have been late additions in the development cycle. Hopefully they will improve on these weak points for the next major title. Actually, I found
  2. Yeah, I liked seeing them in the faction video you made for them last year. It was cool to see how small they were. Will they still be able to hide in the grass somewhat after being ported over you think?
  3. Wait to get a load of the Minish, now they were pretty small units...
  4. Looking forward to playing them. Also its cool to see the minor factions you have planned. Really interested to see with what you have in store for Calatia and Arcadia; and since mentioning Arcadia from the old TV series, might I suggest just one more minor faction suggestion: a faction of people called Malanyans that worship the horse God Malanya (could be a titan for them?)--their leaders being East-Asian inspired Hylians that have Pegasus mounts like in the episode of the TV series Sing for the Unicorn, and their subjects being a bit Turkic-Mongol inspired like the Horse Stables in Bre
  5. Yeah, I saw the sneak peak cutscene you made for it some time ago, and its good to see they are getting an bit more of an upgrade as well to be able to better merge together with the new designs. Looking forward to seeing more for that faction and the Anouki as well (I think the Anouki are my favorite race design of yours thus far).
  6. Just a curious question: Will you be redesigning the Rito to fit the BotW Rito, or keep them similar to the WW Rito as you had; or might you do something along the lines of the Dominion and Lanayru Zora and have two different factions for each type of Rito: Island and Mountain?
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