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  1. I believe CTRL + click attacks instead of converts
  2. A cinematic view (a la Star Wars; Empire at war) would be an AWESOME addition.
  3. Hi everyone, I had an idea for a Star Wars mod and wanted to see how much interest people would have in this. I was thinking we could have a "Space" terrain instead of ocean for naval combat (e.g. Imperial Star Destroyers can only go in space)
  4. Real sized siege may be good as campaign "bosses" (cf. Bad Neighbor from AOE2)
  5. An Empire Earth style customization system would be awesome!
  6. Awesome unit skins! A Jagdtiger would be awesome.
  7. Hi all, was wondering which game is your Favourite? (#4 is for after the release as editing polls is hard)
  8. Like with a metal/wood etc. trickle or pure victory condition? Love the idea though.
  9. A suggested civ: The Maccabees. Fought against the Seuclids, would have a hero/healer focus, maybe all heroes trainable at once?
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