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  1. I haven't gotten to listen yet but did you avoid modern arabic borrow words since the game time period would be before Islamic influence on the language?
  2. Why can't siege towers capture? Right now they seem rather weak and pointless. Rams however if you have 5 can take out a player without any opposition.
  3. Seems like it wouldn't be hard to do. What was the ratio of soldier to flag bearer with the different civs? Would be done with an aura ?
  4. Doesn't the roman faction need them as a unit? They can boast moral or attack.
  5. The last game I was playing, it must have closed out more than 10 times. Here are some of the sample errors that I got (0x8534b9c) /usr/games/pyrogenesis() [0x8534b9c] (0x84dc89c) /usr/games/pyrogenesis() [0x84dc89c] (0x84de269) /usr/games/pyrogenesis() [0x84de269] (0x838eae4) /usr/games/pyrogenesis() [0x838eae4] (0x838cfee) /usr/games/pyrogenesis() [0x838cfee] (0x837a795) /usr/games/pyrogenesis() [0x837a795] (0x83a42f4) /usr/games/pyrogenesis() [0x83a42f4] (0x83a97ca) /usr/games/pyrogenesis() [0x83a97ca] (0x83aa2c0) /usr/games/pyrogenesis() [0x83aa2c0] (0x834e74a) /usr/games/pyrogenesis() [0x
  6. too bad you don't have it labeled. i am there right now, in golden horn. haliç
  7. My internet here in Lebanon, goes from being fast enough to watch youtube%2 My internet here in Lebanon, goes from being fast enough to watch youtube (late night) on low FPS to being VERY slow. Usually, i find if I am playing people that are in Europe the game seems to run fairly smoothly without much lag. Most games out here, are pirated American games. I find it rare to meet folks that know what Linux is or much else. When I was helping at a Christian Iraqi school years ago, I tried to get them to switch the school computers to Linux. It took me over 9 days to download ubuntu!
  8. Remember when AOE 1 came out, there was 56k game hosting supported. I am not suggesting that 0ad needs to have that, however if anyone remembers... It worked quite well and actually did not lag so much. Why is that? Is the way that AOE sends and receives data in multiplayer more efficient? Why is it that 0ad is not more efficient after all these years?
  9. Hi Guys, I just got a new laptop and was trying to install 17. When I added the repository, ppa:wfg/0adThen I updated, all I can find to install is 0.0.14 Why is it still trying to install from the Ubuntu respository? Thanks
  10. Could we have 0ad play a sound whenever a new game is available in the Lobby. That would be real handy especially when the game is minimized.
  11. Furthest would be the more stealthy way. The enemy might not see the tunnel (which would be more accurate) but should hear attack sounds and maybe show the wall decaying. Just show on the "radar" that the wall is under attack but not show from where.
  12. There should be a chance of failure though. A certain % of the time, that the tunnel collapses before arrival at point and kills the people working in it. The further away the higher % of failure perhaps...
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