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Found 1 result

  1. Upcoming new artillery preview: Small 2 Operator lithobololos: For those who always asked for a "Tower" Artillery, this could fit a tower (and if it doesn't tower will fit on it). Following references made this siege artillery wich is an smaller version found on a reference but not seen only one but multiple times, specially on some artistic drawings of macedonians on a river using it wich can be appreciated that isn't that big in some cases and it does in others. So the point is Split artillery in 3 Classes. Light Artillery: Oxybeles/Polybolos/Scorpion. Fast shooting light artillery, good agaisn't infantry. 1 - 2 operators. (Yes the plan for modders (not main game) could be upgrade wall towers into roofles towers for small artillery). Med Artillery: Lithobolos, Roman Ballista Medium size ideally for ambushes were the artillery is faster to move carried in a wagon as usual but with shorter range and smaller stone projectiles. 2 - 3 Operators Heavy Artillery: Roman Heavy ballista, Carthage Heavy Lithobolos, Reinforced Heavy lithobolos. Ideally for besiege towns from a long range, Expensive specially on wood, acquirable only by some factions, stronger, slower than a Ram and if its possible it should be good to have a Tech to unlock them,. 4 - 6 operators This could make artillery a 3 phase gameplay being workshop available at 2nd phase unlocking only light artillery, Med artillery and Ram at 3rd Phase and Research about some kind of education recquired by the greeks and romans of that era wich allowed them to do this possible). This is only my thought, this isn't a gameplay choice im placing above all other decisions. But thats my plan, Hopefully maybe someone add it to a mod or maybe it reaches main game. Some references i have for my plan:
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