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  1. Nice replies, only just checked this post again.
  2. I am new to the forums and wasn't sure where to express my idea. I have been a great fan of the original Empire Earth - with it's expansion pack the Art of Conquest. This is a great classic real-time strategy game which has aged a lot. What made this game so great what it's span of different ages/epochs. Whilst enjoying the older ages/epochs, I also highly enjoyed the more newer ones such as Atomic Age: WW1, Atomic Age: WW2 and Atomic Age: Modern. I really enjoyed bombing my friends. I was not really a fan of the territories system which was introduced in Empire Earth II, and is seen within 0 A.D.. I enjoyed the ability of being able to building anything anywhere the player wanted. The 0 A.D. game engine is highly impressive. Whilst I do hold the modding skills personally myself, I wanted to express my idea and see what feedback the idea received. To put it simply: I want a WW2 real-time strategy, similar to Empire Earth, without territories - or the ability to enable or disable these. I would be happy if the foundation of Empire Earth was copied and improved upon. Maybe we could look into giving unique civilizations unique tech.
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