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  1. Hi so I just started playing this game. (Technically I haven't gotten beyond the tutorial of the game so maybe that's all that needs fixed?) I'm female and got pissed at this game in the tutorial. I get the time frame women can't "fight" aspect of that time but could you at least make a little less sexist by making it so there are male gathers that also can't fight? Or making it so there are like amazon warriors? Or better yet both? Here's more on the amazon warriors: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/10/141029-amazons-scythians-hunger-games-herodotus-ice-princess-tattoo-cannabis/ If this is already a thing an updated to the tutorial would be great! If not I, and I'm sure your other female players of this game, would greatly apricate some changes in this regard.
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