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  1. mimo

    0abc mod

    but still, when you say that things work or don't work, does that mean that it does what you want in game, or the structree works? Making it work in game should be straightforward (with what you describe, having only generic phases, with the wanted civ requirements in the phase_metropolis_generic.json). But as i said, i think the structree is broken when civs don't have the same phase sequences (it does not check for civ req when building the phaseList, and there is only one phaseList for all civs).
  2. mimo

    0abc mod

    In fact, looking at the structree code, i've the impression it can work only if all civs have the same phase sequence.
  3. mimo

    0abc mod

    or maybe try to understand what happens instead of doing random changes and testing only through the structree (which goes through a different piece of code) such that, reading previous posts, i'm unable to say what you really want to achieve and what does not work. I guess that you want to prevent a phase for a specific civ (let's say gaul)? if yes, as they fall_back to generic, the normal way would be to add { "notciv": "gaul" } in the tech requirements of the generic json file (Note that i have not tested any of that, just saying what i would try, and also that may be you'd have to do it for all higher phases than the one you want to remove, i.e. if you want to remove the town phase of gaul, you have to add { "notciv": "gaul" } in phase_town_generic.json and maybe also in phase_city_generic.json). Then you should first test in game (so without looking at the structree) to check if that does what you want. The quickest being using the scenario map sandbox_gaul and trying to update phases. If that works, then check the structree to see if it needs some changes.
  4. I don't see anything specific to AI or pathfinding in the question. Anyway, no use to ping me anymore on such mods without code access (although people have asked several time a svn or git), unless i've missed it as i no longer read that thread. I've no motivation for that, and even if i had, i can't do anything without seeing the code.
  5. lol put more informative titles if you want to get attention . I would never have looked at it as i thought it was about problems on intel cards which i don't know anything. The AI does not use the flag quoted above, it tries to determine itself if it will need ships or not. What is supported for the time being is going from A to B with ships, but it does not know how to go from A -> B -> C if it has to take 2 ships (i.e. if it can't go directly from A -> C). So maybe that's the problem in your map. What surprises me is that you say you have the same problem when you open up the center island (if you mean you made a way for ships to go through it?). But anayway, i can't answer more without the map, so if you need more help, upload it somewhere.
  6. mimo

    terra_magna bug!

    thanks, fixed in rP21757
  7. mimo

    terra_magna bug!

    Thanks for reporting it. Upgrading from a garrisonHolder to a non garrisonHolder was not supported in petra. Should be fixed by this patch. Try to use it in your tests, and if no more problems, i'll commit it later. petra-upgrade-v1.patch
  8. mimo

    terra_magna bug!

    Can you upload the corresponding commands.txt, and on which 0ad revision?
  9. mimo

    terra_magna bug!

    Thanks for all those quick fixes. Also missing in that mod are the team bonuses for chin and zapo. For chin, i would suggest something related to trade, and i've no idea for zapo. But certainly people here will have good suggestions.
  10. mimo

    terra_magna bug!

    You new nomadism tech could have "Cost/BuildTime", "multiply": 0.8 and/or "Cost/Resources/food", "multiply": 0.8 affecting Animals. And maybe it would be even cleaner if we add in vanilla game a TrainableAnimal class to the few trainable animals that would be used for that purpose. And you haven't fixed the requirements of the phase_city_xion. { "all": [{ "entity": { "class": "Yurt", "number": 12, "class": "Town", "number": 2 }}] } is clearly wrong. I guess it should be something like (but not tested) { "all": [{ "entity": { "class": "Yurt", "number": 12 }}, { "entity": {"class": "Town", "number": 2 }}] }
  11. mimo

    terra_magna bug!

    Yep, needs a small change in petra: It builds corral when the civ has no field, but xion have fields but no field builder!! I'll make a change in petra later to build corrals also in such cases. Also, is it wanted that sheep production has no cost and only 1s duration?
  12. mimo

    terra_magna bug!

    OK let's use this thread for reporting terra_magna problems. In addition of those quoted in you should also add the Class Corral in your corral, so that the AI will be able to use it.
  13. I've tested the xiongnu (from TerraMagna github), congrats to those who make it, that's quite nice. Here are a few problems i noticed: Two errors on loading (files missing in the git repo?) ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "art/textures/skins/structural/leather.dds" ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "art/textures/skins/structural/celt_siege_ram.png" And see screenshot of the xion cc: may-be due to the missing texture? xion_female_support: SelectionGroupName = units/spart_support_female_citizen xion packing ability could be reserved to xion civ, i.e. captured structures should loose it. You could add a new tech (for example nomadism, autoresearched for free at startup only by xion) which would be required for packing. civil_centre: why do you call the template xion_civil_centre_unpacked.xml instead of xion_civil_centre.xml. That prevent the ai to expand and to build its own phase tree (these are ai limitations which hopefully will be removed in the future, but won't in a23). In addition, it would be better to add the proper superseding on your xion phases so that only the next one is displayed (phase_city_xion supersedes phase_town_xion not phase_town, see how it is done in vanilla for athen). Finally, the requirements of the phase_city_xion are wrong (i suppose only the last one is kept): you should have an array of two objects. Then there was a problem in petra, where the xion cc did not train units. This is now fixed in rP21748.
  14. Yes, as you said, i've not enough time to support mods. But this feature looks simple enough to implement, and here is a patch which should do that. It is basically untested (i've only checked that it compiles), but can be a starting point if you or somebody else want to fix/improve it. Also, as i've no idea how many statues are enough, and i've put a max of 5, but change it to an adequate value (that max number is not used when phase requirements). cultStatue-v1.patch
  15. Then isn't it enough to add in ProductionQueue kush_merc_camelry_... {civ}_merc_... so you seleucid player, after capturing it, will be able to produce both mercenaries. No need for {native} as long as you only deal with final templates ({native} is only useful if you want to take advantage of template heritance).
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