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  1. Also trees get created inside walls when playing Iberians. (Or is it that the walls get placed after the trees were placed?)
  2. I have been playing 0AD as single player for a few years. The change such that troops now try to capture buildings by default rather than destroy them, is annoying me. It was interesting at first, but it needs some tweaks. When the attacking force contains some military that cannot capture, such as elephants, you end up with some troops trying to capture a building while others are destroying it. Either you end up with the capture failing because it gets destroyed, or capturing a badly damaged building. The opposite of the Patrol order would be useful sometimes, especially for elephants and generals that have strong building-related effects and can take a lot of damage. That is "Go and capture / destroy the buildings but ignore the people". Sometimes I do not want the enemy buildings. I would rather the site was destroyed quickly. So I would like to be able to set a group of military units to "Never capture". Troops capture whatever is nearest. Is is annoying watching troops standing around trying to capture and hold a bunch of houses while a nearby tower is whittling them down. Just as there is a Violent stance for concentrating on attackers, being able to choose between "Capture nearest" and "Capture nearby strategic sites (towers, barracks, city centres) first" would be good. At the moment I am finding I have to micromanage the behaviour of my armies when they go to attack enemy towns, from building to building, which I did not have to do before capturing was implemented. (PS Excellent game though. I waste so much time playing it!)
  3. It was during a paused game against the AI. I have never played multiplayer. When I am playing after a while the swop partition starts filling up and slowing down the PC so I save the game, exit, reload the saved game and carry on. I'll try to reproduce it: Before loading 0AD: 4.7 GB of RAM used of 7.8 GB and 316 KB used of 8.0 GB of swap. Loaded 0AD, loaded a saved game, then paused it. 14:01 There's 5.3 GB of RAM used of 7.8 GB and 312 Kb used of swap. Pyrogenesis process using 665.3 MB of RAM. 14:17 There's 5.8 GB of RAM used of 7.8 GB and 3.4 Mb used of swap. Pyrogenesis process using 1.0 GB of RAM. 14:48 There's 6.3 GB of RAM used of 7.8 GB and 3.7 Mb used of swap. Pyrogenesis process using 1.5 GB of RAM. 16:16 There's 7.3 GB of RAM used of 7.8 GB and 279.6 Mb used of swap. Pyrogenesis process using 2.8 GB of RAM. 17:38 There's 7.4 GB of RAM used of 7.8 GB and 999.5 Mb used of swap. Pyrogenesis process using 4.1 GB of RAM. 18:00 There's 7.5 GB of RAM used of 7.8 GB and 1.1 Gb used of swap. Pyrogenesis process using 4.3 GB of RAM. Exit the game. 18:01 There's 3.2 GB of RAM used of 7.8 GB and 1.0 Gb used of swap. Pyrogenesis process has gone. So 0AD went from 660 MB to 4.3 GB over 4 hours while paused. Graph showing fairly linear progression over four hours is attached.
  4. I've opened 0AD and it is sitting at the opening menu. Without doing anything else I can see its memory usage creeping up every second. In the time it has taken me to write this reply it has gone up by ... checks ... 16 MB. Edit: It is still on that screen with the family scene that slides back and forth left and right and has now gone up by 50 MB. Something's not right.
  5. Indeed. Capturing makes it a very different game.
  6. It is still paused in the background. 15:18:00 1001.4MB = 166.7 MB increase in 17 minutes I then unpaused it and now, at 15:36, it is consuming 1.6 GB.
  7. In Alpha 19., I am noticing these things with short-range pathfinding: Send a bunch of units to board a ship. They now take ages as the ship dodges them even more than it did before, and the units spread out in different directions along the shoreline. I find myself having to issue the Stand Ground order to the units and ship to speed up the process.Sometimes a unit will just go for a long walk and then come back again for no apparent reason. I have not seen it enough times to see what the pattern is.Groups of units are worse at assembling around a city centre or storehouse than they were. Once one side is covered in units, the others have a tendency to walk left and right and not make it to either end of the line, and so not join in with the attack /unloading resources / converting.I sent a group of cavalry up a short, narrow valley to an enemy city centre. They walked all the way round the mountains the long way until they nearly got to the enemy city centre, then walked all the way back, then started again, and so on. They did this entire trip 5 or 6 times before they were all wiped out by the couple of archers they were repeatedly marching past.
  8. If I leave 0AD Alpha 19 running, even if paused, the memory usage keeps going up. Left overnight it consumed my 8GB RAM + 8GB swop partition. Build: 26 Nov 2015 (17298P-release) Linux Xubuntu 14.04 AMD processor I have just loaded a saved game, paused it, and watching the memory usage it is going like this: 14:55:30 634.9 MB 14:56:00 653.1 MB = 18.2 MB increase in 30 seconds 14:56:30 671.7 MB = 18.6 MB increase in 30 seconds 14:57:00 689.3 MB = 17.6 MB increase in 30 seconds 14:57:30 707.4 MB = 18.1 MB increase in 30 seconds 14:59:30 781.0 MB = 74.4 MB increase in 120 seconds 15:01:00 834.7 MB = 53.7 MB increase in 90 seconds so it is gobbling RAM at about 36 MB per minute.
  9. Prior to v16 I used them to train my skirmish cavalry. The food was a bonus.
  10. I dunno. You just can't get the staff nowadays. ;-) Now to work out if I can make the JavaScript error: gui/pregame/mainmenu.js line 35ReferenceError: getGUIObjectByName is not defined scrollBackgrounds@gui/pregame/mainmenu.js:35 onTick@gui/pregame/minmenu.js:144 __eventhandler0 (tick)@mainMenuPage tick:0JavaScript error: gui/common/functions_global_object.js line 32ReferenceError: getGUIObjectByName is not defined updateFPS@gui/common/functions_global_object.js:32 __eventhandler25 (tick)@fpsCounter tick:0messages go away. I uninstalled 0A.D. and re-installed it and it runs v16. I think I mucked up the update myself.
  11. On applying the upgrade and running 0.A.D. I get: http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-160514-134544.php This one might be easier to read: http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-160514-135053.php I was offered the upgrade because I have this repository included in my software sources: http://ppa.launchpad.net/wfg/0ad/ubuntu
  12. My Xubuntu PC is telling me: that there is a version 16 of 0AD available. So I went to the web site to read all about it and ... There's nothing on the home page and nothing (that I can immediately spot) on the forum. I'm confused. Why aren't you shouting about it on the home page? Why can I not see a "Are we ready to release v16?" type thread on the forum? Would it be best to put something on the home page before release, or have I misunderstood the Linux update message?
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