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  1. Norse trading town. Can't wait til AC: Valhalla. Will be copying all their settlements into 0AD
  2. Yeah, lmk they are inspiring! Thanks, I got a lot of pointers from forum members
  3. So amazing! The Ethiopian and Malian buildings are coming along so well.
  4. An ancient city in the Himalayas---
  5. An ancient river-valley civilization...
  6. @Stan`thanks so much! that did the trick! City
  7. @naniThanks! How do I do that, btw? I have it checked in the editor when I press "play" and go to options but I still see no ground shadows.
  8. Been having fun with cliffs and hills- the houses stack nicely and look like vertical hillside villages.
  9. Thanks! I admit, I'm pretty in-the-dark when it comes to that stuff
  10. Interpretation of Carthaginian military harbor
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