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  1. Norse trading town. Can't wait til AC: Valhalla. Will be copying all their settlements into 0AD
  2. Yeah, lmk they are inspiring! Thanks, I got a lot of pointers from forum members
  3. So amazing! The Ethiopian and Malian buildings are coming along so well.
  4. An ancient city in the Himalayas---
  5. An ancient river-valley civilization...
  6. @Stan`thanks so much! that did the trick! City
  7. @naniThanks! How do I do that, btw? I have it checked in the editor when I press "play" and go to options but I still see no ground shadows.
  8. Been having fun with cliffs and hills- the houses stack nicely and look like vertical hillside villages.
  9. Thanks! I admit, I'm pretty in-the-dark when it comes to that stuff
  10. Interpretation of Carthaginian military harbor
  11. After the decline of the proud cities along the Indus River , civilization shifted to the fertile Ganges River Valley, where the Mauryan Empire began... We have a clear window into politics, society and economics thanks to primary sources such as the Arthasastra, the Ashokan edicts, Kharosthi inscriptions, Brahmi scholars and the brief encounters that may have occurred between Greeks and Mauryan during the conquest of Alexander the Great.
  12. Greek acropolis overlooking a bay nestled in rocky mountains
  13. Skhorn! Your screenshots are amazing! Do you have a Tumblr, Fb, etc where you post your 0ad content?
  14. amazing town!! Where did you get the colonnade? mod?
  15. so, i changed circular map to false, saved it and exited. didnt do anything. then i realized after saving it switches back to "true" Not sure why its not letting me edit :/
  16. Thank you very much! Here's another one with high graphics Anyone know how to get rid of the black horizon?
  17. Amazing! Any plans for other cities/sieges?
  18. Gallic and Brittonic small and large towns
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