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  1. Sidon, Mother City of Phoenicia (anyone know how to modify the map so that there's not a black ring around the edge? I want to make screenshots looking out at sea, but it doesn't look natural with the solid black streak along the horizon.)
  2. Germanic_celt79: These pics are great. I can't wait to go into the editor and use them as reference for making my own oppidum. And yes, it would be nice to have some more urban structures represented in the game. Auron: I definitely did not forget the definition of barbarian that you are signifying, I was merely using the word for what is has come to mean. But it's interesting, and to add to its etymology, I heard the ancient Greeks called their neighbors "barbarians" to signify the way these foreigners sounded to them when speaking their language... aka: bar bar bar... lol
  3. The link you provided is awesome! However, I don't think the current models are historically inaccurate. Yes, the game models don't match the Manching finds, but they are based off other excavated sites throughout western Europe. I feel like if the game's Gallic faction were broken down into subgroups, it would be cool if they used the Manching building renditions for a Belgae faction! One thing I think an argument could be made over is the severed heads on 0ad's tavern model. Caesar definitely implied that the Gauls were psychotic barbarians but we have to remember anything we learn from him about Gaul may be over exaggerated. Modern historians and archaeologists have questioned the reliability of Roman and Greek sources about their neighbors and conclude these civilizations weren't barbaric.
  4. Esgaroth (Lake-town) from The Hobbit. (updated)
  5. How about having no borders at all? The map would drop down literally like it's the end of the world. When in first person, it would give oceans and plains the illusion of going on forever. I've seen this in Heroes of Annihilated Empires Cities XI and Sims 3.
  6. Nice. Maybe its just me, but the new models look more buff. Are they on something? lol
  7. Is it possible to get rid of the black area encircling the map? I have the sky on but below the sky there is a solid black area ringing the perimeter of the map. If this was gone, the maps (and screenshots) would look so much more realistic. It would be so nice to have a black-streak-free horizon! JS
  8. Thanks! Will definitely add waves etc.; how do you go about the post processing effects?
  9. Rebuilt on an island after the sack by Nebuchadnezzar's army, Tyre flourished as the prime Phoenician city-state, ruling the waves, and setting up colonies as far as North Africa. Alexander's armies laid siege in 332 BCE by connecting the island to the mainland via an earthen causeway so that his army and siege towers could reach the rich treasuries within the palaces and temple complexes throughout the city.
  10. Oppidum Avalon is a large Iron Age Brythonic fortification. Situated on a hill in the middle of a vast swamp, the Romans would surely be 'bogged' down if they dare lay siege...
  11. :furious:I honestly thought this was an April fools day joke...So you're scrapping the whole ancient warfare theme?
  12. Thanks guys! Now my screenshots will look much better!
  13. It would be great if there would be a sky or sky graphic when panning the camera upwards. I get the default black, but I saw a picture in the screenshots section of the main website of a beautiful sky in the scenario editor. How do I access this/ or mod it?
  14. idea for building an fortification designs... read a source saying stone walls were uncommon. the capital patiliputra (possibly the largest city at the time of alexander and chandragupta) was fortified with a wooden wall with archer slits, moat and over 500 towers...
  15. Chandragupta’s army according to Megasthenes, ambassador of Seleucus to Chandragupta: 600,000 infantry 30,000 cavalry 8000 chariotts 9000 elephants WOW
  16. Cakravārtin. Ths is the Indian term and pathos for the "World Conqueror." Chandragupta Maurya was this, for the Indian idea of "world conqueror" meant only to unite the Indian subcontinent and culturally similar lands. Maurya with his strategist Kautilya conquored nearly all the subcontinent all the way to the borders of Persia, defeating the Alexander's Greeks in Punjab and Sindh and signing a peace treaty with Seleucus. The Cakravārtin was not meant to conquor the mlecchas, or barbarians outside Indian culture. Cakra, or wheel, may show the limit the world conqueror may achieve, which is as far as a chariots wheels may roll. The Mauryan Empire idea for the upcoming patch is great for the cultural, diplomatic, and military powers of this empire rivals that of Alexander's...I'd say surpassing it... I'll try to find something with a K, but c or ch is close, right? =p
  17. jaimele

    A Sky

    this may not be possible, but i was wondering if i could somehow change the black expanse at the edge of a typical map to another color (like a very light shade of blue instead of black)? Then when i tilt the camera up in the editor or game, it will give the appearance of a sky. can i mod this somehow? it would be so great if possible...
  18. yeah, and maybe get them interested in history too...
  19. ok. love the game an attention to detail. just thought id share that =)
  20. currently the greek theater is more a greco-romano style. the greek theater in-game is hemispherical- a roman type. the theater should wrap around the stage more and not have a stage building to be more greek. it can be confusing because when looking at sources you might see in greek cities a greco-romano or totally roman theater or amphitheater- which is due to the fact that many greek cities in greece and anatolia adapted roman form under the roman empire. to make the greek theater more greek let the stage area wrap around the stage more. for example see #4: http://academic.reed...ch/theater.html the current greek theater is ok for a roman theater.. btw, what will the greek theater be used for in the final version of the game?
  21. this is a great dea. and maybe have a hero slinger named.... david!
  22. yeah... at least a few hebrew buildings and units thrown in there in one of the expansion packs would be great. i love 0ad for featuring celts, carthagenians, and iberians.. theres so many strategy games with the greco-roman factions that it just feels so default when playing. hebrews, as well as the mentioned armenians would be a great idea. also cant wait to play the germanic tribes!
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