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  1. Happy with B1 for now. As mentioned on D921, and apparently in #1909, we could also add a short burst of debris particles (cloud of dust) at the projectile hit location, especially for the larger projectiles. art/particles/destruction_dust_small_gray.xml would be my particle suggestion as it spreads out well, obscuring the hit location and providing a visual area of effect for the damage caused.
  2. That must be it. I changed it back to Pureon anyway
  3. Actually I do have a pull up banner design that's using a slightly different vector based brand I experimented with a few months ago. Not sure the team want to move the 0 A.D. brand style in that direction though Would be really quick to resize that artboard to the print specs required.
  4. @fantomid Did you find the file you were looking for? Sorry I was away.
  5. Pureon

    Render Dump

    Can you create the missing bump texture and take a screenshot of it in-game at the default camera angle, not just a render? I agree the tower looks very good. (I'd also like to see a screenshot of it in-game with a few units/trees placed next to it. Think about a good background environment that complements the tower's textures, rotate the sun so that it enhances the shadows, create a fake scene with a couple of units for scale, etc.)
  6. Alas, my Trebuchet wasn't animated.
  7. Welcome to the forums i33SoDA No regrets necessary, we do this for free because we love it. Don't feel obliged to donate anything
  8. The simple truth is people just like to compare video games to one another. Breath of the Wild is like Horizon zero dawn, which is similar to Witcher 3, which itself is like Skyrim, which is... a clone of Pac-Man. I've seen many of these 0 A.D. comparisons made on Youtube (and elsewhere) since I joined the team 7 years ago, and to be honest it's often an honor for us to be compared to some of the greats in the historic RTS gaming genre
  9. Thanks for the application. Big fan of Company of Heroes myself, including the Eastern Front mod.
  10. I created the Mauryan symbol which you might notice is a lotus flower - the national flower of India. It can be found in a few places on the Great Stupa commissioned by Emperor Ashoka of the Maurya Dynasty in the 3rd century BC.
  11. Hmm... Spectacular and Nostalgic? Trebuchet!
  12. My Spy Sheep concept didn't make it through the approvals process. Too "unrealistic" apparently I kid, I kid!
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