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  1. Your Athena's face and spear and shield and helmet are very good. Thank you for your work. It is possible to use the pose you use now, just make the spear rather taller: X You can model drapes from one of these: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-athena-48261 https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-athena-promachos-the-so-called-dresden-pallas-100902 https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-lemnian-athena-100909 - If you want to follow the other design, adjust arms (spear left, shield right) to fit this pose:
  2. I do seem to remember roughly what led me then to the other variant then - since it cannot be known exactly what kind of trading vessel is meant, I thought something more generic ("ship of commerce") would do best. That way whether the vessel was meant for coastal waters or the Nile or sea- or oceangoing trade, it was under all circumstances certainly a ship ΝΑΥΣ, of commerce ΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΗ. I also found it in my Swedish and German dictionaries. This was because the ancients when placing orders at a shipyard for a trading vessel would not have "selected from a menu" like in the game, but here w
  3. to (conduct) trade=ΕΜΠΟΡΕΥΕΣΘΑΙ trader=ΕΜΠΟΡΟΣ trading-post/-town/-place=ΕΜΠΟΡΙΟΝ trade-ware=ΦΟΡΤΟΣ ΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΟΣ / ΕΜΠΟΡΙΑ trade-affairs=ΤΑ ΠΕΡΙ ΤΗΝ ΕΜΠΟΡΙΑΝ trade-craft=ΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΗ ΤΕΧΝΗ trade-ship/merchantman=ΝΑΥΣ ΕΜΠΟΡΙΑ - where I would correct myself to the better: ΝΑΥΣ ΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΗ However also these variants could perhaps be fine, and are given by several of my dictionaries: ΠΛΟΙΟΝ ΣΤΡΟΓΓΥΛΟΝ ΝΑΥΣ ΦΟΡΤΑΓΩΓΟΣ Essentially I would have no problem with any correction - do we have any generic "merchantman-term" used repeatedly in the same work, by some of our major classical or hell
  4. Xenophon is going to be our golden standard, and indeed there will be some easter eggs recording voices for first campaign. Everything should be ripe by release of next alpha (just needs to be possible to include triggered popup-boxes with audio files and simple illustrations)
  5. To present the evidence obtained by inquiry fairly in good order in front of discussion participants? The model of behaviour I should call it - and in addition, I do not ad hominem attack in my posts, but challenge established facts and conceptions. Drawing fire and brimstone, but there we are, my address is not in here so I can still open packages that arrive without getting out the bomb detector
  6. Expect one single reply with all of it, within a week or two. I want to finish the Ptolemaic library now. I was not passionate about this at all when I sounded the alarm and raised doubts, but after this whole charade I am now determined to firstly find out 100% whether I was right or wrong in my criticism and on what points specifically, and secondly to parade the evidence fairly in front of you. And not just such evidence as supports my own hypothesis, dear friends. If I am wrong then you have had even further substantiation, which can only be a good thing for you too.
  7. @LordGood You are entirely right, informing opinions upon the grounds of 'feelings' will not do. But a 'feeling' something is seriously off is certainly enough to start a discussion, and now the arguments of Sundiata are posted, and it is time for me to reply to them. In a calm and orderly fashion. I continue to accuse several of you fellows in here of rooting against the doubts raised in my original post because of feelings. Your feelings - which emanate from all your replies, 'how dare he question something we believe in'? 'how condescending of him, to refuse to believe the truthful refer
  8. Just working full-time on the 3D Ptolemaic library interiors. One of the glorious renders complete with golden busts of Ptolemaios I and II will make for a fantastic background once the scenes are finished. Unfortunately the interiors cannot really be used in the game, but with the improved models I will be able to make realistic Ptolemaic palace-scapes just using the scenario editor, once I've found out how to modify those colonnade-3d-models, to make proper courtyards. I just use 3ds max and it seems everyone else is using blender. I can only make the renders historically accurate and goo
  9. If you give me the exact pixelsize for the ingame background I could move the balcony left in photoshop and crop it left a little bit with the result of a slightly less exaggerated impression. But I just have real respect for the artist who made the render and have no problem with it as an artwork. First of all though, you see what I mean when I say that the first post in this thread has a picture with the balcony far out the left, and the one I referenced just before, that was seen as "too fat", had the balcony cover that central part of the picture? @wowgetoffyourcellphone I expect s
  10. Look, the city in that render is so awesome, that if a Roman emperor had walked out on that balcony he would have said "wow, I want the view of Rome from my palace to look like this - can you send up some of your expert Kushite engineers and architects up to us, please, so ours can learn from them." Hands up if you think that is realistic. I rest my case.
  11. But the whole central megatemple and massive central axis boulevard are missing (covered by the renaissance balcony) compared to the above one right?
  12. The people on the street there are still extremely small, and if they were a bit larger and the balcony were fixed, that could be a really nice background (was it already in? I seem to have seen it before, and do not feel the alarm bells go off as violently with it, as with the one above. Except for the balustrade.) This crop just seems a lot more reasonable. ( = not as exaggerated in the citysize it implies)
  13. The problem is not the ingame architecture of the kushites, it is a game and can look awesome. It is this fantastic artwork posted above, which looks so great. And its problem: It looks great because the structures are extremely large - see the humans -, the palatial structure between the temples looks like it is stone, but it should be mudbrick, and even then it should be the tallest structure in the whole cityscape. Instead the temples tower above the tiny people in many times the size, and the king stands on the majestic renaissance 16th century balcony showing "look this is the
  14. But even on other subjects, I do assume that I have a right to express thoughts freely. Also when they are critical. And in this case I stand by my original point: Some here really really want the Kushite world to have looked like that. It find it impossible to believe that it did. I see the elements in the references, but I do not see how in the wildest dreams of a historian that city could be even remotely extrapolated from the posted evidence. I see a tendency here of taking the large Egyptian temples constructed by Thutmose III and Rameses II and other pharaos, as evidence for Kush
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