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  1. What exactly? The Slinger problem again? This only makes sense if you use battalions. Having single units fire with such low frequency makes small amounts of units useless.
  2. yea and while we're at it we can also add more economics like Graders, miners, iron smelters, blacksmiths, millers and bakers and rename the game to "The Settlers: 0AD". The point is that economy takes attention from the player, and the more different economy units and gatherable resources are available the more complicated the economy becomes and the more it distracts from the game itself. The question is... why.... WHY?! must the most boring aspect of the game be bloated up with even more unfun unit management and click orgies? Just automate the economy by placing buildings near
  3. Wasn't talking to you specifically, but in general someone should feel at least somewhat responsible for fixing the current mess. Sure there are other, more prestigious task, but If one of you doesn't clean up it'll get even worse.
  4. How about moderators start doing their deeds and clean the forums? So much spam and useless replay topics that do not belong in the forums they were posted in.
  5. I just took the basic rulesets that were presented in the design document and compared them to the actual "game" that is present in A23. That is all. Even a blind person sees that they don't match. And just saying: Neither did I write the design doc nor did I do the balancing in the past. That was done by someone else from WFG. And to me it's pretty obvious that nobody cares anymore. I pointed out some stuff to bring the design doc and the current game more in line. It's a fact that the current alpha contains a random mesh of different 200X era RTS game features (i.e. RoN borderlines and
  6. Why are 3 different types of animals required for 3 same effects/ why so overcomplicated for such an easy feature? Why not simply use 1 animal type per faction? i.e. Norse = Cow Greek = Sheep other = CHIKIN/pigz Design path : Build Corral -> train animal -> get food.
  7. Why? Just keep the ban until he has proven that he was not the culprit. Even from just reading the comments he makes on this forum show that he's rightfully banned. I know dozens of this type of guy from my League of Legends times. They all behave as if they were banned accidentally and are TOTALLY innocent in every way (sometimes multiple times in a row) but when reviewed it's pretty clear that they were rightfully banned for swearing, being toxic by griefing etc. And after being unbanned they even brag about it ("lol these idiots removed my ban").
  8. Because design doc. It pretty much describes a total war clone. Single worker micro with detailed economy (which leads to nowhere btw because it's just unoriginally taken from AoE without putting a thought in it) is repetitive micro. “Fastest click wins - In many RTS games, it isn't the player with the most intelligence or the best strategy that wins, it's the player who A] knows the proper order of actions and B] carries them out the fastest. People that practice a general procedure that is usually rewarding and know keyboard shortcuts should be slightly advantaged, and they will still
  9. This still doesn't remove the aspect that soldiers not gathering resources leads to the enemy gaining a resource lead while the attacker starts an attack. Considering that all units shouldn't move as fast as they currently do this is an issue nontheless, even with your (more fleshed out and more original concept). Another issue I have with this is that it adds additional, unnecessary micro for players. In 0 AD it's a nightmare to re-order male soldiers back to work after defending an attack. This is another reason why combat units usually do not gather resources. Also, this can lead
  10. This one was just about the resources. My other ones should be available here: Also had some other posts somewhere
  11. The question is what someone wants to accomplish with this. AoE is like "we have female/male villagers" and 0 ad was like "ok let's split women and men villagers so it's different". There is no further reason for it. That's why I'm against the concept. I think the game would be better off scrapping the whole Citizen/women system, automate Economy by at least 75% and focus on building up cities and THEN creating armies and fight about map control elements like neutral cities and resources like quarries, Farmhouses and Mines. The whole detailed economy doesn't make much sens
  12. I didn't say that someone should spam women at the start of the match - I said it's POSSIBLE to spam/boom women in general. The game gives enough incentions to do it, along with houses being able to train women for some factions. This isn't really meant to be an earlygame problem but a lategame problem. After a certain point you reach a critical mass of workers and start gathering so many resources that only pop cap/amount of barracks for training units start to become an issue. Sort of the "AoE lategame effect" - and in 0 ad it used to be even worse with training women from multiple hou
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