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  1. yes... I believe I fixed the problem, I downloaded a few packages through my terminal and the game appears to be running as normal.
  2. Fedora Linux I'm currently running through a few things in my terminal(might fix the issue)
  3. So I recently had to delete most apps on my computer and have re-downloaded 0ad and it just won't boot. I'm not sure what could be causing this problem.
  4. Awesome i had no clue it was updated thanks man.
  5. I spent a lot of time away from the game missing the last part of a23 and completely all of a24 due to life and pc issues. Back during a23 I used to enjoy messing around with Millenium AD civs and was wondering what happened to it.
  6. I think it would be interesting(even though it's probably not feasible), that since as we know the Roman economy boomed during war time, whereas outside of war time they racked up serious debt problems and slower economy. What if maybe based on soldier count the Roman eco benefits when there are more quantity of soldiers giving certain bonuses when above 60% compared to total population ratio of men to women and remains stable when its under say 60% compared to total population ratio of men to women. Then suffers when the percentage falls below a certain number (say 25%) compared to total population ratio of men to women. With maybe a 5 second reduction on tech research if the bonus is in effect, and maybe a couple seconds off of batch training time. It also brings up the thought of a timer of last battle or fighting activity that helps that bonus. As I said this timer idea doesn't seem too feasible in case of multiplayer especially, where unless you suicide a soldier or use rush strategy it doesn't really add to the gameplay, more to depth. Just a thought towards the differentiation wouldn't mind hearing what y'all think of eco bonuses to Rome and civs in general in "wartime".
  7. Personally I think they both look great, I'm partial to that shiny metal look. But overall the shape of the one on the right looks better.
  8. I changed my output mode doesn't make any sense but it worked, thanks guys
  9. I'm not sure what the problem is but I would like some help!! As you can see in the top left of my ss that the error message says "No audio device was found"
  10. Oh that's awesome! I was wondering( this is probably the wrong place to do so but) I wanted to ask you what exactly a person like me would have missed that is new to the game since early 2020? I figure you would be the best person to ask lol
  11. @Stan` I hate to hear that I haven't played in quite awhile and was looking forward to this, I echo your wishes for @Bigtiger hope all is well with him!!!
  12. Another quitter name is eye15 commands.txtmetadata.json
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