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  1. I've been really busy these past two years but found time to play the new release. Round of applause to everyone who made this happen!
  2. Apologies everyone, I am away on spring break right now. I consent to the reimbursement for this trip. I am glad we were able to represent 5 members! In general I am quite busy at University at the moment, so I think it would be best if someone else who is more active in the community and staff take my role on the Treasury Committee.
  3. From a convenience perspective and just streamlining operations, I think moving to one account makes total sense. I had a few questions but looks like Erik and Aviv both of covered it. With a project of this scale and being spread out in different time zones and jurisdictions, I think having one single source of monetary transactions makes total sense and I fully endorse the idea
  4. After having read the proposal, I think its a wonderful idea to attend the conference once again! It's not only a great way to reach out and attract a larger following, but also an opportunity to recruit developers for the project. I agree to reimburse both Jan and Georg for travel and promotional materials costs of 348.40 euros.
  5. Yes, I approve for reimbursing Aviv for the first payments for hosting. Glad to see SPI is in charge of it now!
  6. As it's essential for the project and there is no alternative of higher quality I give my assent.
  7. Oh whoops I thought this was a given Jan, you, and I are on the hosting committee. In order to be on their, we must disclose contact info (which we already have internally) in the case of an emergency. We're the ones with server access and manage the whole list of services, maintainers, etc. All the other details like each service and whatnot will be made in a bit. I was waiting for a vote from us before I go ahead and make the forum for that Thanks for the reminder, yes that is part of the protocol. We will investigate more in-depth as migration continues. The first test case is the IRC bot for specific reason, so we can see how it all turns out. The only thing i have an issue with is the forum, but there many many many things that can be archived. I personally favor replacing IPBoard with something FREE and less cumbersome. But we've used this for years so migrating now would be rather irritating. Good idea!
  8. The hosting company, Hetzner, only accepts payment via credit card. In that case the money should flow through SPI to reimburse the designated person who pays the bill.
  9. Great! I'm quite busy at the moment too but I will gather the relevant information and PM you soon.
  10. Hi Davide, thanks for submitting an application! I'm Mish and I'm a designer/developer for Wildfire Games. We are planning to do a complete overhaul of play0ad.com so I am glad that you're experienced in SEO and optimization! Also, we have a domain for a community website but have not designed anything for it. Would you be interested in working on that as well? If you have any questions don't hesitate to send me or implodedok a PM.
  11. We now have a transition plan thanks to Jan and input from others at our last staff meeting. My personal opinion is that we pay for this on an annual basis through SPI. At the end of each year we can choose to renew the contract based on a reassessment of the situation. Once members of the hosting committee are decided, I will go ahead and create an internal forum (due to the sensitive nature of the content) and we can kick off. The way things things are looking right now, I am optimistic we can get things started by the end of July/early August.
  12. No objections from me (we have the funds). Great job on the trip guys; your representation was very beneficial to the project and community
  13. Nothing is more irritating than having to spend 20+ minutes hunting down random females on a vast map once I have defeated the enemy and virtually destroyed every building. So so so irritating. A 5 minute sudden death option seems nice
  14. As do I. Aviv's calculation is a reasonable reimbursement considering the amount of funds we have available
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