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  1. Indeed. 2 tower upgrades or 3 depending on the civ . Without upgrades tower would be weak, easily taken down by few units, but! Towers must not atack units in its inmediate proximities unless a boiling oil tech that allows a tower to atack enemies who are standing just below is researched, and if that tech is not researched then a single man could take down a tower if he manages to avoid the first aproach. That would solve everything guys. You are just arguing about a problem that has already been solved by another RTS companies many years ago. The balance needs those techs, and a proper tower HP and range progression (range always superior by at least 1 point against the better ranged unit on the game except ranged siege weapons, always!.) Listen to this yellow guy---->
  2. A button for having the option to store savegames and watch them later like in Age of Empires. An observer mode both in single player and multiplayer with chat options between observers (multiplayer). Better diplomacy options and better AI to adjust to this options and change between them as it pleases in Non locked teams style gameplay.* * already suggested
  3. MMMmmm Yeah. Why not? I mean, we can go all the way "Age of empires" style and still not being able to build CCs at 1st Age. But if we are historically accurate humans can rebuild CCs once they have been destroyed at any time. Even if they are monkeys, or ants with helmet. The roman rush is bad for balance and building a CC in the first age is an important suggestion. A must have in this game. But also, if the CC is destroyed and player has no resources to build it... then again we need a buildable and very cheap/free cart to be built by the players units.
  4. Nomadic maps are different. The game lets you build a CC at the beginning before counting on all the possibilities. At least it'll be like that in the future. I think.
  5. Wait!! that is not my suggestion. I am talking about a once-buildable-unit each time player has nothing else. Not an always-buildable unit like the elephant worker. Because that would destroy the advantage and the variety of the game by making mauryans mainstream. I am talking about a basket or maybe a cart unit or bovine like you suggest that costs nothing or very little resources and can only be one at once in every no CC situations. Only one . Free or very very cheap. Only buildable if the CC is down. For every civ. If the last one is still alive you can't build another one.
  6. I was thinking about that. In age of empires, when the computer loses all units and has no chance to build more then it resigns. That is bad for players ego. Player usually needs to defeat all the enemy's civ/important buildings to be happy with himself in conquest. In Age of Mythology, computer ai asks you if it can resign every 10 minutes once you have defeated all its units and it has no chance to create more from the CC/military buildings. So maybe Age of Mythology code suits better this game in terms of a situation where the CC is still standing.
  7. I would rather pick 20-30 mins, due to current gameplay times. If there are maps with 12 players playing at once in the future, then 15 min it's not such a bad idea
  8. Thanks.I missed those two. They are common late game situations.Also thanks for the information. There is another condition missing now that I think about it. What about resource sharing between players? if a player receives life saving resources, he can also recover. That flag you are talking about I don't know if it's a good idea. What about two triggers for also solving the "If a player has only a CC, and no resources to make a unit, he's lost too."? Trigger number 1: If all CC are gone: then.............(all conditions suggested above activated) Trigger number 2: If CC is still standing and [no working citizens/workers/fishing ships left] and [no resources for building fishing ship/workers or market] then player defeated. The number 2 trigger is different in cooperative team gameplay: MULTIPLAYER Trigger number 2: If CC is still standing and [no working citizens/workers/fishing ships left] and [no resources for building fishing ship/workers or market] and [all player companions are defeated] then player defeated. Poor optimized suggestion but if this is achieved with other means, please by all means.
  9. Ok. Hello again. After a while investigating all civs and end game situations, I figured out a way to do this which I hope most people will agree with (this is a set of suggestions, many of them had been made before by other people in this forums, some of them are new though). List of victory conditions: 1. Conquest--------------(implemented) 2. Wonder----------------(implemented) 3.Kill the king:------------(suggestion): Kill an special unit to win. Players start with 1 fortress so they can use it for protect the king. 4.King of the hill-----------(suggestion) keep in your power an specific area of the map for as long as the game says (in minutes) 4. None--------------- (already in the game, not sure what it does though) Player who kills all enemies or makes a wonder first wins. Regarding the end game: I made a set of rules which can be used for avoiding the annoying "finding and killing" of the units in a map after a victory. Let's begin with a battle. Player 1 versus AI Player 1 destroys all buildings of the AI the AI checks if something can be done: If [there are no buildings to store metals and wood ] or [ there are no worker elephants] and/or [no market] and/or [player resources are: WOOD < CIV CC PRIZE STONE<CIV CC PRIZE METAL<CIV CC PRIZE----------this depends on the CC prize for each CIV, 500 of wood/stone/metal is the normal prize] and [no citizen-military units who can obtain resources by destroying buildings] then instantly the AI is considered death and loses. In player versus player, a player can do all of this without programming, but currenly the AI cannot do this as it should be able to do. also, this suggested actions are not entirely perfect, because if there is some treasure in the map, player can still find a way back to the living. In this specific case player will have 1 min to find treasures and build a base. This is almost impossible to achieve for the player in that time, but it can be done with many workers. the AI should be able to do this treasure hunting by searching explored lands and being able to recognize the content of those treasures like a player would and trying to do it before the minute ends.
  10. Yo soy de Marte. Vivo con atenienses marcianos al estilo looney tunes. A veces creamos partida online con velociraptors y conejitos rosas. En internet todo es posible.
  11. Oh. I didn't notice. Thanks for sharing. It was deep into the ticket realm of features.
  12. That is because the enemy AI or the player cannot respond. They are defenseless when they can't build another CC having 499 of the last 3 resources. Too expensive for a potential recovery. Again. Age of empires gives the computer AI and the player the option to recover from almost nothing, I'm suggesting a possible option for recovery having the territory style of gameplay which has 0.a.d. And most players like challenge. If your companion can't recover from a huge assault, this game is getting worse. And I like the gentleman style of gameplay where you can let your enemy recover and atack him again 1 hour later. I can't do this with this game in its current state. I suggest time limit as an option and the resource alternative building as a feature.
  13. It is not about winning or lose. It's about having fun. I can't have fun with an static-good for nothing AI or human player who/which cannot reborn from his/its ashes. And that also would make nomad maps impossible . I recommend a votation on this matter. Not only that. if the player has no market and 499 of wood and 499 of stone and 499 of metal it will be a lost battle. Making free baskets of very cheap baskets or something similar will solve that. Or the ability to build resource places anywhere (and they lose hp slower) . Sudden death is a good plan. But as a type of game like conquest or supremacy. Not for all the game types.
  14. When you destroy the Main Building/s of a civilization, that's it. You won. Too easy, Too simple. Bad idea. The AI does nothing. You need to chase it one unit at a time, boring. Game experience broken. Curse all your ancestors, resign game. I have a suggestion about that: give the players a chance to recover if they do not have the 500 of each 3 resources to rebuild a CC and if they do not have any markets remaining to compensate that loss. A new building. A building that can be in any terrytory at any time, but very very very very weak and only for collect wood, metal and stone, the main resources to build a new CC. A building that only has the resistance of a farm, or even less. Can be a basket or anything similar, and can only be built when the player has lost all his CC. And it can be only one at a time for each player. If it is destroyed, you can build a new one until you build a new CC . Then, the option of building this dissapears. The cost of this building? well, the thing is help the player recover again from 0. So it can be free or very low cost. By adding this option, the game basics and rules remain as they where, while adding a lot of potential for any kind of gameplay. The AI could also be adapted to this new feature, giving it the ability to adopt better recover strategies, both in single player, cooperative and/or multiplayer. So, having 1 female worker remaining can be your salvation if you have a partner watching over you. Also with this feature implemented, the "nomadic" kind of game can be successfuly implemented.
  15. About the 5th one. You are right indeed but I think u misunderstood my suggestion . It is true that you can select only military and only female citizens, but you can't select different military units at once in a place where there are female citizens . This pickable option-feature-hotkey will give that to the game. Nice.
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