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  1. Just goes to show how well optimized the engine is. Next stop: Block phones.
  2. One word: Ptolmies. Though ruled by greeks, they are the reigning Egyptian Civilization.
  3. Houses can garrison. So put your women in houses.
  4. It's the best at harvesting sheep though. It won't ever level up and start being @#$% at it. it's an... Disguised strength.
  5. Since they would probably play the same, or very similarly, and live in the same geographic region.... (and there is enough factions as-is)
  6. In simple terms, micro is all the small things you will do. Like moving your units, attacking specific units, Moving your farmers so they are closer to a specific building to increase food output, etc. So yes, the small things in life. Adversely Macro is basically grand strategy, technology, buildings etc. Anyway. If we're going to have a morale system, i would like it to be a very subtle thing. It should be modeled by group situation, not individual situation. So if they are mortally wounded, they won't care, but if all their friends die? Example: you have 100 units in formation, only, say, 20 will actually live long enough to surrender, if they are freshly trained. 15 veterans, 10 elites, and 5 champions. Math that out how you will, but i think that would be best. But it would naturally be more complicated, Elephants were used to maximum effect as a scaring tool, not a fighting tool. Most men are willing to fight a fair fight, but be crushed underfoot by a big beast? Not cool.
  7. I can't even start to say how F'in amazing that comment is. Women aren't polygamous, though, right? one woman can sleep with help 2+ men work better so long as they... touch, yes?
  8. The same for Combat mode and gathering mode would also be great. Fighting in the forest or nearby rocks? Hell.
  9. A tin can on a stick, with a wooden tv for a monitor.
  10. Good idea, but bad. this would make it impossible to starve anyone out. Also, would be bad gameplay wise because resources would become worthless. ...you don't have to repay your debts, if you have already won the game.
  11. Have buildings be sectioned off into a sub-menu of the unit menu. Like in aoe. Building snap is good, but i would prefer it to be an option, it's not always what you want. maybe a hotkey to toggle it.
  12. ...then don't do that? Don't force your opinion on those who want to have a different approach. Formations at the moment are literally pointless.
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