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  1. If the Scythians are added then the main infantry unit would be an axeman imo. (Just my little thought I'd put in here)
  2. Go around the edges of the players base and take out his units/workers? if he's garrisoning then keep a safe distance, he'll already be ruining his economy by doing that.
  3. I'd be more than happy to play a Delenda Est multiplayer match with someone!
  4. Ah I see. I thought it would be possible seeing as the women aren't able to build military buildings. Thankyou very much for answering all my questions!
  5. Ah, thankyou! Is there any way to do the opposite? As in only gathering not building? Also, is there any way to prevent a unit from being able to build a certain building, for example, I want a unit to be able to only build military based structures. Sorry to ask so many questions! I'm a complete noob!
  6. Hello again! I managed to fix the unit icon issue, must have been a typo or something as I decided to re-write all the files. Now I'm moving onto the next part of my mod and I'm wondering if there is a way to make units be able to build however not gather? If so, how?
  7. Yes, it was enabled and save what config? Everything is saved and everything works in the game perfectly, however, it doesn't show up in atlas. Help with the unit icon would also be appreciated!
  8. Sorry typo on my part! The icon is actually in the correct directory "\portraits\units\" sorry! (Still not working)
  9. Another problem! The icon for my custom unit doesn't seem to be working. This is the line of code for in the unit template file: <Icon>units/spartan_youth.png</Icon> The icon is located in this directory: \art\textures\ui\session\portraits Any problems with that? I have tried a 128x128 file, as well as a 256x256 file. The image is a .png file.
  10. Hello and thanks for replying! Fortunately, your last solution worked for me (The other did not however), I put the custom template in the public mod and now it shows up in the actor viewer. Is this a common problem or?
  11. Hello! Anyone know how to make your custom/new unit show up in the atlas scenario editor (I want to view my custom units in the actor viewer)? I couldn't find any tutorials online and am unsure of what to do...No matter what I do, the name does not want to show up in the list of entities/actors in the atlas editor. Thanks again!
  12. Hello, modders! I'm back and decided to just make a thread where I will post all my questions in one, so I don't "spam" this forum. Here's my question today. I'm adding a new unit to the game called a Spartan Youth. However, I keep getting this error when I launch a match as the Spartans. 'Expecting an element entity: got nothing' In my script for the unit, I'm using this template: template_unit_infantry_melee_spearman As my parent entity, however, when I change it to template_unit_champion_infantry_spearman It works? Thoughts? the problem with using the champion template is that the unit is meant to be available from the start, at the civic centre. MORE QUESTIONS DOWN BELOW
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